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lower reps?

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  • lower reps?

    in dc, do you guys ever go down to 1-6 reps in muscles like chest, delts legs etc

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    on RP sets, you might do like 10 + 4 + you got 2 mini-sets of lower reps, one should be above tho.
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      nope but on legs ill do a heavy 8 then heavier 4 will ill also do a heavier 4 on back thickness so sometimes..
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        Do what it take according to your body.

        If your currently doing 12 reps say on a chest exercise and bump the weight and do 6 reps, and you feel this more, and start making bette rprogress stick to that rep range for a bit.

        However if you lower your reps and you start feeling a lot of joint pain, bump that shit back up, and save your joints.

        It just depends on the indvidual.
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