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  • Want to make a new exercise

    I have an idea for an exercise I know it has propably been done before but I wanted to get your guys advice on when I should do it or if I should do it at all. I have been doing the adductor machine at the end of my leg workouts and have seen some great results. What I want to do is have a second exercise that works the quad hamstring tie in right down by the knee(this is my focus area). I want to use the cybex squat press(the one that moves on an axis instead of a slead). I was going to do them one leg at a time and move my foot to the outer edge and point my toes out at about half way between north and northeast. my foot will be up a little higher than normal foot position to work the ham strings a little more. kind of like a half ham press. I think this will be a great way to work that area after my leg press day. I will still do the adductor after my hack and squat days. Just wnated to see what you all think.