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DEC 6th

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  • DEC 6th

    Doctor said I can go back to the gym for light training on DEC 6th so I am thinking go back to volume training working up in weight slow and starting my DC program the fist of the year full swing

    By the way first 2 days after my surgery was hell gut was on fire but now a week later I dont have any pain just some swelling. glad I got this taken care of right away doctor said it will make my healing easyer and faster

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    As a veteran of hernia surgeries (3 so far) I strongly suggest to take it EXTRA easy around that area for a solid 6 weeks post surgery. I hit the gym 4 weeks after my surgery, and started doing deads, squats, etc. Tore the sucker open all over again, resulting in the need for hernia surgery #3. ANYTHING that puts a ton of pressure on the abdominal wall can be an issue, so shy away from the heavy compound movements for a bit, stick to isolation workouts for a good 2-3 weeks to let that thing heal completely, or your going to end up back there
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        dude i would even wait longer than dec 6th just to be sure, its not worth having to go through surgery again and waste even more time. thats just me though, because i know id goto the gym, start feeling pretty well, and then go too heavy


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          Good luck man. I also say more than 6 weeks. Better safe than sorry!

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            Aw hell! Don't listen to these pussies ! I am sure Dogg remembers the story I told on Animals site ...5 years ago this week I got a piece of steak caught in my esophagus, and in trying to vomit back up tore me inside 3 inches long and nicked an artery ...had 6 units of blood tranfused into me before they operated .
            They wanted to see if it would stop bleeding on its own , but as it would clot up my stomache would fill with blood and i would vomit ...the last time was so much blood that the nurse called the surgon at home an told him I VOMITED A BUCKET OF BLOOD . and she wasn't lying , I still remember the screams as the nurses ran to avoid the projectile blood and bile ! ...funny now but wasn't then ...up until that poin the meds they had me on kept me heavily sedated and I wasn't too aware ...but when I vomited THAT much blood , even through the drug induced sleepynes , I knew I was dying .
            Anyway the way they operated is they laid me on my left side cut my lat from the bone and up under my armpit ...took out 2 ribs and pulled back my lung and sowed me up with a camera down my throat..was in the hospital for 1 week and had my ass back in the gym after a total of 35 days .

            But I was very carful used weights that i wouldn't even consider for a warm up ..took about 3 weeks for me to slowly build up to struggling if you do go back be very consevitive .
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              Wow man... sounds like a shitty few weeks you had there...


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                I am able to start training after dec 6th but I am not starting my DC then I am going to do volume training light weights to after the new year


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                  Wish you the best, PUMPED. Taking it slow for the rest of the year is the best
                  way to go. It will pay dividends down the road. Good luck, bro.