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  • ? @ DC warm up sets

    OK, I have decided to give DC training a try, and have been reading up on it. When I workout I try to do negative reps slow, but haven't been doing them 6-8 seconds slow like DC recommends. I think this is a good idea though, I was wondering if you do the negatives that slow on warm up sets or just the one working RP set? Thanks for any help

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    You use regular tempo on the warm-ups. But you only end the minisets with a really slow negative. On every other rep its simply a controled negative so that you could stop and reverse the weight at any time.


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      No stopwatching in the gym pls. Just control the negative.
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        just go need to count. And just do controlled warm-up sets.

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          I know Dante says not to but I use a stopwatch for calf training and I wouldnt do it any other way.I know the rest of you can count 15 second stretches at precisely the same tempo every single rep even though your calves are on fire but I guess I'm not that talented so I'll stick with my stopwatch
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            thanks for the help guys..........