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2 weeks already seeing a difference.

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  • 2 weeks already seeing a difference.

    ok so i'm only on my second week doing this dc thing and it's goin awsome. i've had 3 days so far to beat the log book. i'll admit on the first day the logbook was talking smack, but after thta first day he shut the hell up. just took pictures today and was lookin at pics from 3 weeks ago. i'm seeing a difference already. lemme know what you think.

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    nov 11 front...after


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      keep up the good work. gotta ask.hae you torn your left pe? You hae a noticeable buldge in the upper left quadrant
      BTW next time ,, crop your pitureand onert to JPG looks as though it is Bit map?
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      I say" I know!"

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      She said " You're also and ASSHOLE!"

      I said " I know that too!"


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        ok the before back pic was too big.. oh well here's after 2 week anyway.


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          19 years old, 6'1", 269lbs as of today. yes had a complete tear of my left upper pec in august of last year. at the time i was 300lbs and i was benching 370 for my 5th rep .... my upper pec wasn't strong enough i guess and it gave out... had surgery in june to fix it after losing 50lbs. got down to 235lbs after the surgery and now i'm bulking back up.
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