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    hey I was reading soe of the Dogg-logg over on Mayham ..and over on page 5 you layout what you eat for a given dayy question to you is do you really eat up to 13 ties a day ??? WOW! :dcchomp:
    This girls walks up to me and says " My God you're good looking!"

    I say" I know!"

    She gets offended and says" WHAT?!"

    I said " I know I am goodlooking!"

    She said " You're also and ASSHOLE!"

    I said " I know that too!"

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    That's why he's 'Massive G' instead of just 'G'

    Massive, is this your practicing the ANTF? (Anabolic Nutrient Timing Factor)


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      YES my food amount will vary.
      I would rather see someone copy the number of meals I eat in a day then the amount of protein.
      Sometimes I can eat as much as 1000 grams a day and as little as 500, but one thing I never change is the number of feedings just the portion sizes. I always eat 10 meals a day at minimum.
      I don't force feed myself anymore like I used too...I measure my hunger over a given day..if not a hungry day it will be 500 grams and 10 meals a day..if really hungry I will place shakes in between meals to curb that appetite.
      It's all about effecient eating and keeping the blood amino pool up IMO...
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        Originally posted by Massive G
        Sometimes I can eat as much as 1000 grams a day


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          G I have to ask, what difference do you feel throughout the day when you're taking in 1000g? A much more abundant stream of amino acids, so maybe better pumps?