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  • gunna giver a go!!

    well, i have been here at work reading for 5hrs and i have to say i am pshyced up to try this out. i am 28yrs old and did a show last year, but have not had the spark since then, injusries etc. had 12mnths off and back at it for about 6 weeks getting used to muscle stiffness and all!!

    currently 215 with too much bodyfat, would like to sit in the 10-12%

    i am going to do this natural for various reasons (3 cycles of accutane!) so........

    is there anything i should take into account with regards to this training/diet?

    how much flax oil should i consume?

    i'm going to do MWFM

    how long should i do the straight sets B4 the RP kick in?

    if no powerrack, can i rack at the top, take deepbreaths and continue?

    anyother suggestions greatly appreciated...........


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    Welcome phatkid...looks like you've done some decent research into the program. I'd continue reading through all of this forum as well as the entire CFP thread if you haven't done so already. The Dogg Pound over at musclemayhem has a ton of good info as well.

    On to your questions...the amount of flax oil you consume is completely up to you. Make sure you're counting protein grams (minimum 2g per pound) and not eating carbs and fats together at the same meal. Also, you'll need to determine your carb cutoff time that keeps you gaining without excess bodyfat (thats about the extent of the diet we can give, this is what Dante's trainees pay him for). Use straight sets for a few weeks to get acclimated to the program and exercise tempo (explose positive, controlled negative etc.). I'm assuming you're going to be working out alone since you're mentioning the power rack. When going to failure in this program without a partner/spotter, it is always MUCH safer and more effective to use the Smith and/or machines. Remember, that last long negative is very important. As Dante has said, lift the weight for the sole purpose of lowering it again. Hope this helps. Any other ?s, ask away.
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      You have competed in the past so I am assuming that you know how to eat correctly?
      As for the training and diet being natural or using, the intensity and or diet should be just
      the same. It just might be a little trickier to get the hardness look w/out using. You may need to play around with your diet a little longer to find out how your body reacts with out using, it may be different being natural. Anyone out there think differently?


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        yeah when i competed i went from a bulked up 260 and a too deppleted 186...24 wks diet

        i did many things wrong, too many drugs, not enough eating and on and on......

        since the yr off i want to see what i am capable of naturally in the next 6mnts to yr.

        with stretching, only that ONE set of 60 second hold?

        thanks phats


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          So where are you at now wt. wise? do you want to gain size or get lean right now?
          which ever it is, I would need to know what your daily diet consists of currently.


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            i eat well but not thing...

            i consume 16 egg whites daily

            1 can tuna

            1 cup cottage cheese

            2 50gm protein shakes

            3 cups oatmeal

            couple slices of whole wheat bread occasionally

            i NEED to start precooking chicken and beef again , like for the show!!



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              oh yeah

              currently 215ish

              would like to be a solid 225-235

              have pics in member pics........


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                If you want to gain you are right, you DEFINITLY ARE NOT eating enough carbs.
                Throw in some rice, potatoes, some starches like pasta. With what you are eating you will not make any gains at all weight wise. If you do cardio maybe just do about 10-15 min after a workout. I would not suggest doing more than that if gaining.
                Looks like you have only 4 protein rich meals in a day. You need to get in at least 3 more.
                If you make that chicken or beef I would put that into what You are currently doing with the
                carbs that I already stated.
                I hope I helped a little.


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                  yeah all my meals are only about 40gms protein per..

                  as of today i started adding scoop protein with tuna, and egg whites and my cottage cheese..

                  i am trying to be more cardiovascular fit as i play hockey as well.....NEED WIND

                  also, i am 28yrs old 5'11"


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                    i have a grasp on the method of extreme stretching...

                    can you simplify how to come about using the correct weights???



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                      Originally posted by phatkid77
                      i have a grasp on the method of extreme stretching...

                      can you simplify how to come about using the correct weights???

                      Phatkid77 it all comes down to what you can barely hang onto for the sixty seconds. Even though it's stretching, I believe that most of us try to increase in weights just as well. It's all progression!

                      Good luck
                      ain't it the shit? Just wait til you guys/gals see some of the strength jumps lol..and the size you put on!
                      Good luck


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                        k cool, as long as i increase!!!

                        how do i come about a weight to use for RP after my couple weeks of straight sets??


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                          Originally posted by phatkid77
                          k cool, as long as i increase!!!

                          how do i come about a weight to use for RP after my couple weeks of straight sets??

                          for me it was just the same weights i would be using

                          say i could do 100 lbs for 10 reps, when i decided to RP i just started doing a 10-5-2 with 100 lbs or whatever; thats just me though


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                            simple enough......likely why i missed it!!!

                            8-4-3 is optimal.... 12-15 reps for most right? except calves and straight squats.

                            minimum reps being?


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                              i think it really depends on the exercise, but thats generally what i do, although im finding that im leaning towards higher RPs for whatever reason

                              i never really go under a 12 RP