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DC was right.

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  • DC was right.

    I had my first squat session DC style yesterday. The first set of 4-8 wasn't too bad. The 20 repper was a different story by the time I got to about 17 I was definitely saying "I hate freaking hate Doggcrap" just like his sticky said I would. After I got over the pukey feeling and the light headedness I was thinking "Doggcrap is the man". If my legs don't grow from this I'm going to get implants.

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    I had decent quads when I started with DC. Quads and back being my strongest bodyparts. But the DC style quad training has brought them to a new level. A level I honestly did not think I could reach.

    So you started to hate DC at rep 17? Thats pretty good. Once your weights start to increase you will start hating him at rep 10-12. The pukey feeling is a good sign. You pushed it. Atta boy.

    The 4-8 repper is going to get ugly real fast. Always remember that going deep is better than using more weight. So if you can go ass to the floor with 300 but only half way with 350 I'd stick with 300 and just gradually build up.

    If your legs dont grow from this I'll get implants with you. Two hooters on my back. Yikes!
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      I hear ya man! Hell, I hate the asshole at rep! Nice work man. Time to grow!

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