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  • Negatives

    Some final clarification on negatives. Everyone has to get irritated with the Qs on these being repeated `ad infintum`.

    They are only on the work set.

    They are to be controlled, not a set time limit. Some movements have longer negatives than others (because of a larger ROM)

    If, in your weight raises you realize you aren't controlling the negative as much as you should or very little at all than you should drop the weight and go back to controlling it more. I think everyone can relate on the negative being harder to control after many weight raises on exercises. If you're cutting the negative in order to push more weight than you're eliminating a very important part of DC Training. A big highlight to it has always been the negatives. It triggers more muscle gain and strength gain. Not controlling the negative is equal to cheating.

    You should always end a lift on the negative.

    Last, but not least...

    You should never ask a question about a negative without looking for the answer in other places first.
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    I give your negative post a positive review! Lord, that was horrible....I apologize...


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      I found at first i tried to make my negatives all the same, very slow. and counted it too.

      But after some months of doing this its naturally changed, some movements are slightly quicker than others. but always controlled. i no longer have to count. i jus feel it.


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        Nice post! I fear that many may experience the "WRATH OF KHAN."
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          I usually only do negatives on the bench press. I do like asim does, but I also rest- pause on my chest for a slow 3 count to let the blood flow through and also it is dead weight and makes all the muscle and fibers work to push it back up. Thats how I look at negs.