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  • It has begun.

    Havent been on the past few days cause my computer screwed up when i tried to install linux. Bad move.

    Anyway now i'm back and today was the first day of fasting. Honestly it went by easier than expected. I woke up 5am. Consumed some chicken, a protein shake, 1litre of water and some rice then went back to bed. Then i got up around 10am and continued my day. My stomach started to rumble slightly when i was walking to uni from my car, but once i sat down it was all good. Got to 6.15pm and i started to eat. Seeing as i only have from 6pm to 1am to eat, im able to consume 4 meals, and then 1 when i wake up at 5am. Totalling 5 meals.

    Now Hopefully by the end of the day i'll have consumed 400g of protein. Im having to eat every 2 hours. As the week goes by i'll determine the carb and olive oil intake depending on how i feel and how my workouts go. Havent decided whether i'll straight set or stick to RP.
    Just gotta listen to the body.

    Well so far so good. Wish me good luck in this 4 week battle. May God be on my side, and hopefully i'll come out a better man. Already minimised swearing

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    Best of luck Asim. I too am making an effort next blast to consume upwards ofg 4-500 grams of protein a day [thanks InHuman]. Now I know it won't be easy but a MUST if I hope to reach the 250# that has so far evaded me. All the best, I look forward to hearing how you go/grow? Bad move installing linux though, I "nearly" tried that once but chose against it... phew!
    No-one trains HARDER!!


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      Originally posted by RaulJimenez
      Viva La Catabolismo :d
      Oi watch it. Or i'll steal the muscle u jus gained


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        Argh. Well day 5 of fasting has gone by. And at first i didnt think i was feeling the effects cause on saturday i had a great workout. But today i only got an extra 2 reps on my incline smith press. Everything was feeling heavy.

        Im looking leaner. My face, my abs. But hell i dont want to be dropping strength.

        So im looking for a little bit of advice. The fasting is closing up my stomach, im finding it hard to shovel in the food at 5 in the morning before it begins but im trying.

        Then after fasting stops im eating every 2 hours jus to fit everything in. But its all really protein.

        I dont know where i should be adding the extra carbs or olive oil. Heres the structure

        5.30am - 100g protein
        6pm - 70g protein
        8pm - 80g protein
        9pm workout
        10.30pm - 100g protein shake
        12am - 70g protein

        I need help in knowing where my carbs specifically should be to increase my energy, reduce chances of using protein for fuel.