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  • Rack chin question

    OK, third week of these
    Think my positioning is good
    Question is whether or not my routine is gonna do it for me
    I am doing Rack deads first, then rack chins
    For Rack Chins I am doing one set.
    I am starting right now by having a guy put a 45lb plate in my lap, I am getting about 15 or so, hanging for a few breaths, knocking out another 3-5, having him pull the plate, doing another 10-12 or so, hanging again, then getting another 3-5.
    Is this basically the way to do it?
    I am toast at the end of this set and have to take several minutes before moving on to chest. Lats are a little sore the next day, just enough to notice.
    When I can get 20 on the first set, Im putting another 25lb plate on my lap.
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    Ok here is what I do, I get into position, feet higher than my ass, have my partner add a 25 lb plate with a 110 lb bar, I get off 10-12 reps, he removes the weight, I stand up get my breaths with my hands still wrapped on the bar, I get set, he loads on the weight, I get off 4-5 more, he removes the weight again, stand up get breaths, then I go once more with the weight, 2-3 more reps, he takes the weight, stand up get my breaths he adds the weight and I go for my static and last time got 24 seconds, done...
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      I do it exactly how In-Human said he does.

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        i also do it the same way as in-human only without that much weight.


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          I do what IH does except for the part where he uses a 110 lb bar. Maybe some day


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            Damn InHuman... you playing nice and sharing those weights with others in the gym?
            No-one trains HARDER!!