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    What do you guys think about peanut butter? Is it a good source of healthy fats, protein, and carbs? I can't seem to get enough of this stuff, find myself craving for it every few hours

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    Originally posted by Benj
    What do you guys think about peanut butter? Is it a good source of healthy fats, protein, and carbs? I can't seem to get enough of this stuff, find myself craving for it every few hours
    Rocky III endorses it with the highest thumbs up rating.

    It shouldn't be considered a meal in my opinon as the protein source is incomplete at best along with th added fat and sugar of processed peanut butter

    Some people add it to a shake but I don't see the appeal.

    Then again this Rocky's recommended toothpaste below.
    So take it for what it's worth.
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      Thanks for reminding me that I need more Natty pb.

      Massive -- shame on you.
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        Natural peanut butter is awesome and most stores carry it, as a name brand and a store brand natural pb, though its usually at the very top or very bottom of the pb sections. There's just 2 ingredients... roasted peanuts and salt. The Munster adds it to various protein shakes, but I'm with Massive on not seeing the appeal.

        I love the warning on the jar *Caution! Contains peanuts.

        Well duhhh! :albert:
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          I like it with my oatmeal! oh yeah!
          Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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            Originally posted by Heckman
            I like it with my oatmeal! oh yeah!
            Now look who's breaking a golden rule


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              I agree with you 150% RaulJimenez!! :iagree:


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                That reminds me, I need to change my damn colors...


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                  You might try unroasted (raw) almond butter, too. I'm putting down about 1/2 jar a day lately...

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                  The Book Has Arrived!

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                    LOL yes as a supplement but not a meal.
                    Everytime I see a jar of JIF now....I think of Rocky III with his hand and fingers stuck in a peanut butter jar..licking and a smacking his lips and fingers like the kid and the prep-H above and talking to himself..."Duuuuuhhh....yup..uhhhh....duhhhh...yup ...Doggcrappo tolds me to eats dis fer my protan/fato hu....TEAM DC ..hiyup..hiyup!!"
                    Then minutes later a hot chick walks by and asks him out according to the ROCK!-you had to be there on mayhem for/to understand that....

                    OK I'll be nice...
                    Another reason to not make PB your main source of protein in a meal is because a lot of people are allergic to it slightly as well as vegetable proteins are incomplete.

                    Everyone is different, and at the top of my list for DC's contributions to my growth was Olive oil.
                    Yup olive oil. Flax oil makes me hurl and I love Omega III's but you can't bust them in a proshake.
                    We all be different just never be like Rock!
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                    Discount Code MASSG

                    MG "Powdered Muscle"

                    MG "Testosterone Booster"


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                      Best Source of natural fat
                      1)Flaxseed oil
                      2)Olive oil
                      3)EPA oil
                      4)Hemp oil
                      5)Fish oil
                      I think I have to disagree with the list you made there Raul,.... the Flaxseed oil should at least not be on the top and I don't see Coconut Oil there which has many benefits.

                      Here are a few articles that I posted in the health forum about fats today:

                      Here is one about fats and the dangers of polyunsaturates fats (yeah I said polyunsaturated fats not saturated). I highly recommend you people to read this one. The Skinny on Fats

                      Here is one about Coconut Oil and it's benefits, also very interesting Coconut Oil

                      Here is one about Butter Butter

                      Here is one about Canola Oil Canola Oil
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                        Egill, nice sources. I'm sorry I didn't mean to say that the order I named them was in a priority way of getting good fat, so I apologize for that but still when looking for fat, what I always try to do is get the Omega3 up, a lot of people's diet is high in omega-6.
                        I understand, no need to apologize brother

                        What bothers me is the industry which is plugging so many unhealthy oils while they say that saturated fat is bad and it's just the opposite.... flax seed oil f.ex. is overrated health wise and has a lot of polyunsaturated fats which you should limit in your diet,... it's better to just eat the flax seeds unprocessed, the seeds have a ton of antioxidant's which protect the oil from turning rancid. Coconut oil which is mostly saturated and has some very interesting benefits and is great to cook with because of how much heat it can stand. And also,... how often do you hear about how butter is bad,.... it's not, it's the margarine that you should avoid.

                        If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about people then read those post about fats I posted above (lazy asses, lol).

                        Maybe this quote from the Coconut Oil post will make you interested:

                        Later, an animal experiment fed diets that were low or high in total fat, and in different groups the fat was provided by pure coconut oil, or a pure unsaturated oil, or by various mixtures of the two oils. At the end of their lives, the animals' obesity increased directly in proportion to the ratio of unsaturated oil to coconut oil in their diet, and was not related to the total amount of fat they had consumed.

                        That is, animals which ate just a little pure unsaturated oil were fat, and animals which ate a lot of coconut oil were lean.
                        Here is one quote about polyunsaturates vs saturates:

                        The dangers of polyunsaturates
                        The public has been fed a great deal of misinformation about the relative virtues of saturated fats versus polyunsaturated oils. Politically correct dietary gurus tell us that the polyunsaturated oils are good for us and that the saturated fats cause cancer and heart disease. The result is that fundamental changes have occurred in the Western diet. At the turn of the century, most of the fatty acids in the diet were either saturated or monounsaturated, primarily from butter, lard, tallows, coconut oil and small amounts of olive oil. Today most of the fats in the diet are polyunsaturated from vegetable oils derived mostly from soy, as well as from corn, safflower and canola.
                        More quotes:

                        In the 1940's, researchers found a strong correlation between cancer and the consumption of fat—the fats used were hydrogenated fats although the results were presented as though the culprit were saturated fats.54 In fact, until recently saturated fats were usually lumped together with trans fats in the various U.S. data bases that researchers use to correlate dietary trends with disease conditions.55 Thus, natural saturated fats were tarred with the black brush of unnatural hydrogenated vegetable oils.
                        One reason the polyunsaturates cause so many health problems is that they tend to become oxidized or rancid when subjected to heat, oxygen and moisture as in cooking and processing. Rancid oils are characterized by free radicals—that is, single atoms or clusters with an unpaired electron in an outer orbit. These compounds are extremely reactive chemically. They have been characterized as "marauders" in the body for they attack cell membranes and red blood cells and cause damage in DNA/RNA strands, thus triggering mutations in tissue, blood vessels and skin. Free radical damage to the skin causes wrinkles and premature aging; free radical damage to the tissues and organs sets the stage for tumors; free radical damage in the blood vessels initiates the buildup of plaque. Is it any wonder that tests and studies have repeatedly shown a high correlation between cancer and heart disease with the consumption of polyunsaturates?32 New evidence links exposure to free radicals with premature aging, with autoimmune diseases such as arthritis and with Parkinson's disease, Lou Gehrig's disease, Alzheimer's and cataracts.33
                        Modern diets can contain as much as 30% of calories as polyunsaturated oils, but scientific research indicates that this amount is far too high. The best evidence indicates that our intake of polyunsaturates should not be much greater than 4% of the caloric total, in approximate proportions of 1 1/2 % omega-3 linolenic acid and 2 1/2 % omega-6 linoleic acid.30 EFA consumption in this range is found in native populations in temperate and tropical regions whose intake of polyunsaturated oils comes from the small amounts found in legumes, grains, nuts, green vegetables, fish, olive oil and animal fats but not from commercial vegetable oils.
                        each day is an opportunity to move you closer to your goals.

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