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Special Thanks to DC and IH!

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  • Special Thanks to DC and IH!

    Hey you guys...

    Just wanted to give a special thank you to you two in helping me to reach my new year's goal and then some.

    I started DC training in January of this year, I set a goal to be 200 by the January coming up. I was 5'8'', 150 lbs when I started...

    Well... it is going to be my birthday soon and I'm 5'8'', 211 lbs.

    Without DC's persistance in refining his training method and dealing with my annoying Qs in the beginning and IHs continued support and patience with me I've gotten one hell of a birthday gift. My eventual goal is to be a leader in DC Training.

    10 months, 60 lbs isn't bad. There's been better than me, but at my age I have a good jump start on next year's goal.

    I'm shootin' for 240 by the time '06 rolls around. Whatever I get when '05 rolls around is fine with me. Hopefully 220.

    Thank you for everything guys. Best wishes in your future endeavors and hopefully you guys have many prosperous years ahead of you.
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    5'8'', 215 lbs.

    Raw powerlifter.

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    Shit, that's a big ass weight gain....congrats


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      Wow great gain. Very motivating too. Jus shows you what can be accomplished if you really put everything into it.

      Great job.


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        congrats khan, very impressive
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          congrats on the weight gain thats some serious pounds.



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            Very impressive...Congrats.
            Train like a freak, every time.


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              awesome stuff, way to go


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                Yeah me too...Thanks Dante and Ted (IH)....Oh.....well...actually thanks Dante really.....LOL
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                  strong work Bro
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                    I have been training people since the early 90s and I decided to help Khan out cause I knew he was like no other 18 year old I have come across.

                    This kid is a machine, yes he can be a fool and stubborn, but he will listen if yelled at enough, he does the exercises to a T and he eats like no one else.

                    Yes he over analyzes shit to death but when you are young you need to to get a grip on what you are doing.

                    I have been helping him since March and he has done very well and all this clean, just food, damn good job Khan.

                    I haven't sent you that protein yet I have been pretty busy here at work but its will be on its way this week, oh yea Happy Birthday...
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                      I was amazed with your gains and forgot to say happy bday lol well happy bday



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                        great job bro, very motivating

                        Happy b-day!

                        DC STYLE!!!



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                          Excellent work. I love reading stories like this......oh, and happy birthday :-}


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                            KHAN, KHAN, KHAN!

                            Great job and happy B-day to ya!!
                            ain't it the shit? Just wait til you guys/gals see some of the strength jumps lol..and the size you put on!
                            Good luck

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                              Happy Birthday! Congrats that's a damn impressive gain. Any pic's?