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    Whats up. Yesterday when I was in the gym somebody showed me an excersize while I was doing rack chins and I wanted to know what you guys thought. It is rack rows. You put your feet on a flat bench and lay down while your holding onto the bar but so you are flat in the air. Bring yourself up to the bar and let your chest touch the bar. Just wanted to know what you guys thought.


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    Yeah those are inverted rows. When I was working with HS Athletes in strength and conditioning we would have the athletes do them as they are safer then teaching bent over rows to a 15yr old. We also used to us bands and rubber plates on their chest as they got stronger

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      I usually do barbell rows, but do you think i can benefit from using these or not really.



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        I've done them before too, in the past. They are interesting because you are moving your body through space instead of your body remaining fixed and moving a weight through space.

        Are you DC training? If so, why not wait until you have failed on one of your back thickness movements and replace it with the inverted rows, if you are really wanting to try them. See how they work for you. How do you plan on adding resistance as you progress? Plates on the belly/torso is my suggestion.
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          Yea I am DC training I have a blast coming up in a few weeks and dont think I will drop any excersizes by then so maybe I will try them out a little more during my cruise and see if i want them when I drop an excersize.



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            i think resistance would become a hassle very quickly for that exercise, but if you like it i say go for it - theres always a way..


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