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  • Pre exhaust and DC?

    I haven't read A&E in a while but now that I know you are the "captian insano" that Shawn wrote about I was wondering if you still do any of the pre-exhaust type stuff you guys wrote about. Also, I beleieve I read an article by you where you rest paused squats and did a few more sets than you advocate now. If you ever have a chance I would love to know if and where the old theories fit into the DC program or if they have just evolved out. I have done quite a few of those workouts from the articles in A&E in th past (although I can't remember which one of you guys actually wrote which article) and I have always seen good progress. I was also wondering if pre-exhaust is an option to be used with the current program since my groin pull still wont allow me to hit my quads hard enough unless maybe I pre-exhaust with extensions.
    Thanks for your time.

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      Dante never wrote about pre-exhausting (with DC) that was Jason's program from AE.
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        Originally posted by Massive G
        Dante never wrote about pre-exhausting (with DC) that was Jason's program from AE.
        That's how I remember it, too. (Massive, you're in the Raleigh area, correct? Should you make it to Charlotte, we oughta train.)


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          That was from a long time ago but I remember the article too. Yes, it was Jason writing it but I think that he was describing a workout that he and Dante did together. There were (if i remember correctly) a few DCisms (rest pause etc) in the workout but the volume was higher.
          Didn't they start with dumbbell fly drop sets then proceed to rest paused bench press? Something along those lines.
          Now (and Dante can correct me here if I'm wrong) I read that article back in '99 or 2000 so I'm assuming that this was along the lines of what DC was doing back 10 yrs ago or so.