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bodybuilding according to your schedule.

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  • bodybuilding according to your schedule.

    I'm sure we've had a few of these threads before but i'm hoping we can start a new one up and maybe get some more info in here on what everyone does or their thoughts are.

    For 4 months i've had my summer break from university, and i've enjoyed lazing around doing pretty much nothing. But that meant eating at that point was easy too i just scheduled everything around my eating and gym time.
    I could stand there and make food at the time i had to eat. Go to the toilet as many times as i needed to cause of the water intake.

    So now im back at uni. And ive had to rearrange my schedule according to my classes. Im up at 6am instead of 10-11am and im in bed no later than 10 compared to the old 1-3 am thing.

    My workout schedule is now mon/thurs/sat as its the way i can fit in good workouts without being rushed for time. Now training early morning around 7.30, was thinking about 6.30 but seemed a bit too early for me. Thats compared to the old 11.30 training time.

    Now one thing ive changed compared to last year is my eating. Last year i was only eating 4 meals a day, so it was easier, now eating 6 times a day im packing more meals. But i dont find it as difficult as i once thought it would be. I think one of the tips i picked up from people along the way was to make your chicken or meat in bulk on the weekend. I store it in the fridge and then take what i need for the day with me. Since i take a car, i can leave my food there, come back and eat it when i need to.

    So eating is not so bad. But now that im into a full timetable im really active. Before i was concerned about bodyfat so i was doin cardio to keep it in check, and now walking around soo much im scared that im scared that im not getting enough in to keep me growing. So im having to take that into consideration and work on it.

    The water intake is another thing. Im sure almost everyone can relate that having to drink soo much means going to the toilet every so often, which can be a pain if your busy doing something important or in a class. I think it involves balancing the water intake so that you do get the gallon or more in the day but pace yourself as to not drink alot at once, otherwise ur in and out of the toilet alot.

    I havent felt this exhausted in quite some time. shifting from nothing to a full schedule hurts.

    Ok so i kinda dragged on for a bit. But the point in this thread is to ask all you guys out there to tell us something about how you involve bodybuilding into your life. I know Dante once said that bodybuilding is only 3-5 hours a week. Cause you know thats the time you spend training. But then theres the eating, resting. All that.

    What do you do in the real world and how does it affect bodybuilding for you?
    Oh this isnt a complaining thread or anything like that. Just wanted to say what im upto and wondering what everyone else is like too.

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    Reminds me of my uni days, all of 1 year ago. I was pretty much in the same boat, but luckily i was able to have a decent schedule for training. Unfortunately in my 3rd year i blew my right rotator cuff (left me unable to train upper body for 9-10months)

    But while i was training and studying, i just made sure that i was organised. I.e instead of spending time in front of the T.V id' prepare food, do cardio, sleep etc...

    I also alternated between liquid and solid feeds, therefore in lectures i could just get my shaker/whey/milk out and blend a meal. This was less hassle and it was cool with the lecturers.

    At the end of the day your Education is of far more importance in the long run, one day you will no longer have the muscle mass you currently carry/Want to carry, therefore having other interests/abilitys is vital in the general picture. Im just glad i saw that from others and got myself a decent degree, now im training full bore, but my job is very flexible with my training.


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      Asim , i think its great that you have made training such a high priority in your life. I believ that this will only help you in other areas of your life. When I have more time I go to the gym later in the day , when things get cranking with projects I just make it a point to go to the gym earlier. I have tried to leave the gym until the PM but I find it hard to do as either 1) its too easy to say that I am beat from the day 2) its harder to break away from work once things get going in the day
      As far as diet goes I think you have got a great handle on it .. I have yet to figure out the timing of the water /pissing things. and I feel like I have to shit all the time from eating so much !
      Stay Hard and Get Huge !

      Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius , power and magic in it. Begin it now. - Goethe


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        fitting my training is around work is fairly easy now im used to it,i work in the construction industry,producing cast sandsone window cills and lintels ect, for houses,quite heavy phisical work,
        quite simple,work till the break time hooter,eat,then repeat.
        when i get home i eat,then have an hours nap before training,if its a training day.