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What ever happened to Jason Mueller?

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  • What ever happened to Jason Mueller?

    Anybody have any idea what happened to Jason Mueller from Anabolic Extreme?

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    i was wondering the same thing. i used to love ae, jason had the best articles on the net.


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      I agree. I remember reading articles of him training with someone he called "captain insano" who liked to extreme stretch for 1 minute while the bodypart was engorged with blood. I wonder if that's anyone we know?


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        he had some legal trouble and i believe he is no longer allowed access to the internet. as far as i know iabadman is still in contact with him so perhaps you should try pming him
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          I miss that this day I feel he is the best writer when it comes to bodybuilding. His articles were just so fun to read.


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            going to post on this later on tonite or tommorrow--im in a rush to work


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              Originally posted by sammysdad
              I agree. I remember reading articles of him training with someone he called "captain insano" who liked to extreme stretch for 1 minute while the bodypart was engorged with blood. I wonder if that's anyone we know?

              Yep that was dante...I also want to take credit for identifying Iamabadman as "the WOP" from one of Jason's articles...

              Can you imagine seeing these three 290-300 lb guys at the bar, or heading into a movie theatre?


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                whatever his situation, i miss reading his articles and wish for the best for him. hard to really get a feel for what someone is like just over the net, but he seemed like a decent guy who had a wealth of knowledge to share and a will to share it.


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                  Speaking of which, I've been trying to go over to the anabolic extreme website and read the old articles from back in the day with Dante and jason and all that stuff, but they won't open, seems they deleted them from the system or something, sucks cause I really wanted to read that stuff.


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                    Jason (or Shawn which is his real name) ok where should I start. First I want you guys to know some of the tragedy this guy has been thru---just the fact that he hasnt broke down and snapped is a miracle to me. I believe he is about 35 years old now

                    His brother dies in the gulf war

                    Gets busted in a sting operation in the mid 90's

                    During his probation period (after the sentence was served) for the above the only family member he pretty much has left is his mom. Out of nowhere his mom has a huge heart attack in her late 40's I believe and dies leaving him all but alone familywise.

                    Starts AE and tries hard to make it the elite site for cutting edge info on the web because he really liked my magazine I put out in the early 90's and wanted to design it after that. After a while he starts getting burnt out on the very things I warned him about. People taking potshots at him (Bruce Knellar put a huge article out on him telling people his real name and all about his bust) and also what I had previously told him--that this sport has alot of insecure self obsessed people that are drawn to it and they will use you, ask what youve done for them lately and bleed you dry if you let them. The numbers of people in this sport who you meet and have absolutely no qualms talking about nothing but themselves the bodybuilder for 60 straight minutes is ridiculous. After a while it really gets to you how shallow of a venture this all is with some people and he was definitely seeing that.

                    He starts business ventures on the side, advertising, managing pro's, training and selling products of the bodybuilding ilk--one which was a sleeping aid named Remforce which was a GBL deriviative I believe --and at that time I dont believe there were any laws on it at all. The powers that be raid his office, take his computers and pretty much ransack his life (remember I dont think there was a law in place at this time)--I kind of lost touch with Shawn about this time years ago but as I know it, I believe these first charges were thrown out but then later they raid his home and office again (I could be wrong here but I think this is how it went) again before any exact laws on GBL were in place--Im sorry gang, Ive never used or had interest in these sleep aids and Im not really up on them or the laws that are out there definitely, Im going by what I remember being told. Shawn sat in jail for a long time with an astronomical bail (I believe a million dollars which means 100,000 to get a bailbond) and was facing 22 years in prison. I havent heard from Shawn at all for a long time now (2 years?) and Im not up with what happened in the end but I believe they gave him a plea bargain--Iamabadman knows much more of the story than I do---This guy seriously has been to hell and back---he's extremely educated and a great guy and deserves much better in life

                    Shawn the bodybuilder:: You know how most 6'1" guys are kind of lanky looking? They get really big but dont have that shorter bodybuilders unbelievable thickness? (ala Cutler, Levrone in his prime etc)...This guy was THICK, seriously thick, Nasser like thick. Every time I would see a picture he would put up of himself online, Id email him and say "christ put someone in the picture with you, because it doesnt do you any justice"--you really couldnt get a feel for the guy by his pics at all....he looked in person like he was 2 and a half foot thick from back to chest, I guess like I said if you could think of a 6'1" Nasser in the offseason you would get the idea. He comes down and trains with me with Imabadmans brother, he is tossing around poundages like candy. I had him doing slight incline presses and is tossing around 315lbs like he could do 74 reps with it during his warmups. I think he used 405 on his main set and I made him lower it really slow and then explode up rest paused, then we did shoulders and triceps after. It was my day off on that day so Im just taking him thru the paces and all the time Im thinking "christ this guy is a freaking brute"...I cant remember exactly what he used on shoulders and triceps but it was something freaky heavy again. When we got triceps done he was absolutely spent and laid down on the floor for about 15 minutes and said something to the effect "holy shit dante I had no idea you trained this brutal".......he was cramping and shaking so bad he couldnt drive and either myself or Iama's brother had to drive the car back. The man could move some serious serious slag iron

                    This guy was a deep deep thinker and incredibly smart. People probably saw him and thought "dumb meathead" because he looked alot like goldberg but he seriously could run circles around them in thought process. He had alot more to offer than you guys ever saw on AE, because him and I would have some email battles and we would toss around some theories that were truly something to view-and Ill never divulge because you would have every holier than thou saying it was reckless, unproven, and totally irresponsible-LOL.

                    Alot of people throw around the word "blood brother" but this guy was the true meaning of that. If any of you were his freind and you somehow got into a bad situation and were surrounded by 20 gangmembers trying to kick the living shit out of you, I FREAKING GUARENTEE, ABSOLUTELY GUARENTEE YOU this would be the first face you saw crashing into that pile and taking shots and pounding people out until he got you out of there.....the WOP would be coming for you thru the other side of the pile though--LOL

                    The man truly deserves a break, and he deserves a good woman in his life and I truly wish it all comes together for him....I remember Iama saying something that he is forbidden to have any internet access so I dont think youll see him on the net for a great while but I would like to see him empty out that brain of his somewhere in the future because he has alot of contributions to give to this sport. If this gets back to you in any way Shawn, I wish you my best


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                      I was writing a post in a similar vein about "Jason"; I too have known him for a few years now and he is definitely one good, good man. However, you beat me to it Dante, and I have nothing to add to what you said - you summed it all up and I need say no more. I really hope Jason comes alive in the near future; he is sorely missed and not having him around is a great loss. And that is regardless of those idiotic, worthless articles that were written about him by a couple of bitter, inadequate people a while back.

                      Semper fi, my friend.


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                        It is nice to see that you all still remember Shawn , as he is really a fine man and has been someone that I hold more as family than as a friend .[ I think he would say the say the same thing about me as well ] From the moment we met . We clicked . I tested him from the get go and he always passed with flying colors . The man was fearless , yet intelligent . In the gym ,I usually am untouchable .......but he would keep up matter how much I would try to make him quit ......[ Dante is the only guy that I fear in the gym .........after what he did to Shawn that day ........I was too afraid to see what he would do to me ......I was tougher overall than Shawn and in better shape I couldn't imagine what Dante would have done to me ] When I put Shawn to work in a bar that I was working at that was pretty tough.........I was somewhat concerned .......he was a small town farm boy, with not alot of experience.......Well , guess what ? He more than held his own .......He was always right there by my side no matter what ........Never afraid .......Never hesitating........He was cool at all times ,no matter how hairy the situation......He helped me train for some of my mixed martial arts fights . One time he charged me and I knocked him out with an upper cut ........when he came to ,he started trying to choke my ....he was tough and I loved him .......And as tough as he was . He was even that much more intelligent.......Bright on many subjects and very insightful........I really miss our conversations .......we would talk for hours.....But after our arrest, things changed ........he got into rec drugs [ mainly GHB .....and pills ] and played me and Dante against eachother.......he went to work in my industry [ strip clubs ] And that world changed him ......I turned it into 250 ,000 a year career ......he could have done more .....but he got caught up and didn't have the dissapline...and left the industry bitter and jaded ....By the time AE started he was not the same guy I once knew.........He got busted while on probation for a bottle of test .....and had his probation extended .....He kept using and ended up at 318 or something .....this is after nearly killing himself with insulin on at least 3 occasions and overdosing with GHB too many times to count . The whole reason he is going to jail sometime around the first of the year was to feed his addiction.......He was always trying to find suppliers and make deals for the stuff . He wasn't some dealer .......He was an addict. He knew he was top notch [ bright , intelligent, tough , and handsome ] and he was ashamed of the decisions that he had made over the course of his life, so he numbed himself with drugs that he deemed not dirty......Well , all is not lost, he is back to the old Shawn and he has his shit together for the most part. He is a fitness director for a well known fitness chain .[ just recently promoted .....and yes they know his situation ....but they love him and have promised him a job when he gets out ] He is healthy about 280 ......does cardio regularly ......trains hard , but not heavy......looks really good ....still has huge legs......really similar genetics to Nasser.....he is drug free for one and half years [ side note... never really drank ,smoked ,or did other rec drugs in his life......just GHB and pills.....clean drugs in his eyes] He is dreading what is ahead , and honestly wanted to kill himself rather than do along stretch .......But now there is some light at the end of the tunnel......He going to be OK I that he is back to the man I know .........I think he can find a happy successful life. I will be there for the guy and I cant wait for this to be over and done with .I want my friend thing for sure he will be back ! He is 33 [ I am 34 ] Dante , I believe you are 36 (Editors note: just turned 36 in August) ......even though we aren't young guys ....bodybuilding is in our blood .........we will always be around the sport .......Shawn will be back no doubt.........I tried to stay totally away for nearly 7 years ......but I couldn't , I missed it way too much......something was missing......Shawn .....will be 36 or so when he is out .......and I bet he will be right back on these boards and in the gym training as soon as he gets out.........It is in his blood.......I will send your best fellas, especially yours Dante .....[ you know that although we aren't that far apart in age .....we always looked up to you a great deal....I know we are both very happy for you that your life has turned out so well ......we both have alot of love for you ......You were our hero! ] Shawn has finally faced up to his problem and is ready to pay his debt and move foreward.......The world better look out .....when this over and done with .....Shawn will be just fine......And Fellas , you can put that in your pipe and smoke it !!!!
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                          Where can we read some of his old articles?

                          Best wishes to Shawn, he sounds like a very SOLID dude.
                          Cliche 'Everyone wants to be big, but no one wants to lift heavy weight'.


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                            Dante and Iabadman,
                            I'm sorry to hear that he went through so much shit. I never new shawn only a few emails but I thought he was a great writer and I wish him well. Thanks for the reply.


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                              this link should take you the archive article pages. i loved this stuff he wrote.
                              (once you get there just click on back issues.)

                              hope everything works out. thanks for the update dante and iabadman.