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  • How many of you guys....

    How many of you guys/gals are still training with DC?

    How many are rotating DC in with other types of training?

    How many have modified DC like programs they follow.

    How many dont use DC but hang around cause yall is just good folks?

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    Mine is modified due to having a very physical job. Not really modified, I just use a lot of Dantes principles.

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      I don't post in this section since I never worked directly with an approved DC trainer, but I read the stickies/Dante's posts and figured out what of the system worked best for me. I consider what I did for the years I made the most gains and competed as DC. Essentially the 3 way split, reducing 3rp to 2rp since that was the most I could recover from and make long term progress. (I found Dante's posts on what he did for people with poor recovery, as well as females, and some of Homon's comments.)

      The only other training style I have used "as written" is Fortitude Training. In the past year or 2, I've used "my DC" or FT when I'm results focused, as opposed to training for health, fitness and more normal vanity.
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        Thank you for the replies so far. phoenix, how did the program change for you as a woman? I currently have my wife training with me doing DC, she is killing it. Now you have me worried im gonna screw her up.


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          I've used it off and on for years
          Ive made some of the best gains of my life with it
          I also like skips protocol
          Everything else I jus didn't "love"

          Recently for ME I have REALLY learned the key to getting the most from dc is

          1. Feeling the target muscle
          2. Counted (by partner is about best way) negatives... Meaning it's consistent as possible and your not jus getting reps for rep sake... If you do a squeeze count them too,
          3. always finishing on an even slower neg after failure
          Like I do a 1-2-3, 2-2-3 count so our neg is a 6 count
          4. FORM should be very good Ideally but if it's loose it needs to be consistent....

          Have I done some unproductive blast in past?
          Had mostly to do with:
          1. trying to serve 2 masters with my diets (want to be huge and lean)
          2. Not really applying intensity to the target muscle I jus moved shit
          3. Uses speed or looser form to progress
          4. Selecting exercises that didn't allow me to progress well or I did shit (floor deads and squats...) that constantly injured my hips.....'always had trouble with tris
          Always tried odd angles and ext
          Reverse grip bench krushers close grips and dips will get it done
          5. Refusing to cruise....
          6. Neglecting cardio
          7. GROSSLY UNDERESTIMATING AND NOT UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OVERTRAINED AND PROPER RECOVERY.... God I spent most of my young life needing a 4 week cruise and skip load prolly

          Thankfully skip is the man and shit is going better than ever :-)
          And I love his system I'll be using it for prep
          And killing dc any other time of the year

          I jus can't stop doing it it makes to much sense and its so hard to "train" without a lot book
          Hell I kept one with skips protocol

          I would swap to his later stages pre contest BC I prefer really really hiit type cardio and I can better control my intensity and I feel the reps and volume help with caloric expenditure which is always good

          Plus trying to work tire flips and Waterbury complexes in with dc is jus KILLING ME BC IM SO WRECKED LOL
          I see you didn't take a s#!t before deadlifting....
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            I have been rotating DC and volume training for over 2 years now after switching gears from powerlifting to bodybuilding. It was the perfect program for me since moving weight was what I loved to do and didn't like the idea of lowering those weights to any serious degree and focusing on "angles" and "feeling" the muscles.

            I definitely modify the DC to what I like. Sure, getting from A to B as fast as possible is great, and if Dante believes that the way the program is already laid out is the fastest way to accomplish that, also great. But with the lower volume and lesser amount of time in the gym there's also less of my "therapy". I've had a lot of struggles in my life and I need to take some aggression and emotion out on weights for a little longer and more days a week. So I have added and subtracted a few things so I can get a little bit of both building muscle as fast as possible and also training for my psychological health.

            When someone asks me if I train DC, I always throw in the disclaimer that it's not true DC as its laid out. But with all the principles there, I always give credit to DC training. I'd never call it "my own program I made up" or "my improvement to the original DC" because I don't feel it's an improvement. It's jus a blend of my particular goals.
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              I've been using fortitude for the last year or so, I really like the variety.

              Personally I find I fuck myself with DC in an attempt to continue crushing the log book, I start shortening my reps, or speeding up the tempo & eventually get frustrated because I can't progress. Totally a 'me' thing.

              I like to throw it in occasionally however.

              But mainly, IM is just the bomb, even though I don't post much I still read daily.
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                have used DC in the past and going to make another run with it after the first of next year.


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                  Did DC with In-Human about 9 or 10 years ago, for about a year...But...I was much younger and now just do different variations of training....higher rep range helps keep my joints happy..
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                    I've recently returned to a DC 2-way split, but using my own set and rep ranges.
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                      Originally posted by Colokrom View Post
                      Thank you for the replies so far. phoenix, how did the program change for you as a woman? I currently have my wife training with me doing DC, she is killing it. Now you have me worried im gonna screw her up.
                      I don't know if it's me as a woman or me as someone with below average recovery (though my thoughts are that for this type of training, the two go hand in hand due to hormones, generally). I had to reduce volume. The 2 way split was simply too much for me. I tried multiple times over several years. Same thing every time: I would be spent before the workout was over on A lift days. And early on in the blast, I would just generally feel run down/unwell. I tried mind over matter, and that only deepened the hole. The big picture was not productive. The volume of the 3 way was significantly more manageable, and I could build longer blasts, and recover in a reasonable length cruise, to then blast again. As I got stronger, blasts got shorter, and it was suggested to try 2rp instead of 3rp. That turned out to be a sweet spot for me. I only know of one other female who used the principles, and she did awesome for a while, then ended up so overtrained that she had to back off for nearly a year to get herself balanced again. This is an extreme example, and she didn't cruise when she should have, but it happened.

                      Just pay attention to her recovery. If she is doing well with it, keep at it. She may have better genes for this and more sense than me. Always keep in mind how important it is to cruise appropriately. Don't try to milk "just one more workout" out of a blast when she's getting the red flags telling her to back off. There is no shame in short blasts, and proactive cruises. Think long term progress. If her joints start bothering her, don't adhere to the plan strictly, read the thread for 34 years or older trainees, try a volume style, etc. It really just depends on her. If she's young(er), is inclined toward strength and size (yes, there are people who I think are more "meant" for this more than others), and/or is getting the recovery from exogenous means, she may do just fine with it as written.
                      2014 Greater Gulf States 2nd WPD Class B
                      2010 Jr. USA 2nd LHW
                      2009 Houston Pro/Am 1st LHW & Overall (Am)
                      2008 Jr. Nationals 5th LHW
                      2007 Greater Gulf States 1st LHW
                      2007 LA Championships 1st LHW & Overall


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                        I incorporate extreme stretches, rest pause sets as well as widomakers into my training.
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                          I have not done it in a while in part because I focus my training on powerlifting now. However when I want to give my body a break or want to try to put a little muscle on I have found volume/Mountain Dog gives results while allowing me to stay feeling fresher physically and mentally than DC did.

                          That said if I did enjoy DC training and if I were to focus solely on bodybuilding would likely alternate periods between the two styles.


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                            Thank you all so much, your replies are great!!! You always give me more than the normal responses!!

                            phoenix, Thank you so much for your input. We are done with our first blast and she crushed....crushed the log book, but I will monitor her more closely.

                            DC_catholic, I just started to fall for the two masters thing...thanks for snapping me out of it !!

                            Collabera and all others I very much enjoy hearing about your own personal experiences, and things you are doing. I keeps me motivated. :rockon:

                            Every time I read a post, I get to searching. I still need to read through all of Skips stuff before looking up I got alot to do
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                              I did DC about 5 years ago for a couple of years with GREAT results. I got stronger and bigger than ever. I took a couple of years off True DC training because I devoted a lot of time to armwrestling. Which I kept some DC principles alive during that time, armwrestling is very unforgiving on the muscles and tendons/ligaments and really couldnt handle a full DC split. I have stopped armwrestling due to location/work, and recently got back into full DC

                              Over the last couple of years, I have learned even more about time under tension, mind muscle connection, and good form/tempo over ego lifting. I am looking at DC with fresh eyes, and focus more on crushing reps in the log book and mastering the weight versus just trying to add 5 -10 pounds every workout.