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    Could someone link me to some good threads on how to do the 3-way routine.
    I know Dante have said that there isnt a cut and print layout on how to do the 3-way routine and setting it up is very individual.
    But I was hoping there was some good threads explaining things so I could set it
    up myself.

    Its actually a bit embarrassing that I dont know more about the 3-way routine already since I have followed this forum for quite some time.
    But I have always skipped threads concerning the 3-way routine because I wanted to stay on the 2-way for as long as possible.
    What I am most confused about is the incorporation of non-quad widowmakers and also if its still just 1 exercise per bodypart(beside the optional weak bodypart WM)?

    The reason I am switching over is because my workouts on the 2-way have gotten long.
    The Bicep/Forearm/Leg routine sometimes lasting 2 hours especially if the gym is crowded.

    Hope some of you will be able to help me out.