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  • Before and after DC pictures

    I know there's a gallery of people personally trained by DC himself but what about pictures of people in this forum before and after following DC training?? I would post mines after this second blast since im new to DC. Also would be interesting to know if its enhanced or naturals

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    You can look at my journal. It's attached to my signature below. The original pics are from before I started dc and ran test. Then you'll see pics from before working with Skip and then after. For someone who has very little genetic potential I think I did pretty well with dc. I rotate between Dc and volume but typically go with dc for longer periods of time than volume training.

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      This was just one blast.... I was working with homonunculus (Dr. Scott Stevenson). This blast was natty...

      I still use DC, but alternate DC with more of a mountain dog style split and use each for a period of several months at a time
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        Mentalflex trained with Scott and made great progress off dc


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          Mental flex trains his ass off. He needs to add more pics to his update thread in here.

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            Here is a before and after for me. The before pic was actually my last show before doing DC and the second pic is after 3-4 years under the guidance of Dante.
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              damn. sweet progress there, wow.


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                If you want to see how Dusty really got big, check out his cooking videos.
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