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Yet another progress Thread.

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  • Yet another progress Thread.

    Sorry guys but I felt like I had to jump on the training diary bandwagon

    I"ve had quite a few setbacks since I first started with DC.
    My Mum had a heart attack, my daughter got pneumonia, I sprained my ankle and the love of my life had a cervical cancer scare. HOWEVER... I finally made it to consistent training and dieting. I'm only a little fella so no sniggering at my stats..

    I started at a bodyweight of 81kgs (178 pounds approx) at about 15%. That was four weeks ago. Yesterday (last workout) i weighed in at 184lbs at 12%bf. All my lifts have gone up in reps and weight. I'm a lot more vascular despite the larger amounts of food and have lost a full inch off my waistline. I haven't taken any other measurements yet but my gauge is how tight my clothes are, and my business shirts now don't fit properly around my upper arms and neck, so something is a' growin !!!

    Example lift gains:
    hack squat - started at 80kgs for 8 and 40kgs for 20 reps. Did 180kgs for 6 and 60 for 18 yesterday. (I know, still small compared to some but i'm pretty happy so far)
    DB curls. did 20 RP reps with 20kgs (about 44lbs) to start. Yesterday did 10RP reps with 60lbs.
    Smith Machine Squat - started at 8 deep reps with two plates a side and 16 reps with one plate a side. Last workout with this exercise banged out 6 reps on 3 plates a side and 18 reps with one and half plates a side. All deep thanks to my murderous, angry, sadistic little training partner...

    I have to say a big thanks to Dante of course, but also to all the other board members - you guys are inspirational in your own ways, and its all helped me keep on going despite one hell of a tough few months.

    Thanks to all. My goal is (initially) 190 - 200lbs at the 12% mark by the end of the first blast, cruise then hopefully up to about 220lbs. Doing it naturally using good food, hard training, and basic supplements.


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    Hey matt, good stuff, we should track one anothers progress as there is only 5ibs between us....good work! :showoff:
    "Never give up form for weight, makes no sense, form is key the weights will follow..."


    **RACK's Shitt HOTT Dogg Logg**



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      Great Progress !!!


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        Thanks guys
        Had another logbook beating workout today. Just have to keep it up for another 3-5 weeks and I'll be a very happy man. That will be my first blast completed successfully.. See you at 200+lbs!