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    Hey guys,

    I am currently working with a coach in the UK on a body transformation. I am almost 4 months into it, and very pleased with where we're going. I am going to continue for another 2 months, so I will be finished with my current coach by March the 1st.

    I expect to be pretty damn lean by March.

    However, from there, I want to do a photo shoot to mark my body transformation and the beginning of my journey to the bodybuilding stage. I am also doing it to help advance my business.

    I am confident I will be pretty much there by March, but I do not want to prepare for my photoshoot alone. I'd like to hire a coach around March to work with me on a one month basis solely for the photo shoot preparation.

    I've done some research online, but what I'm seeing is pretty fixed 8-16 week preparation packages. I'll already have been training and following a fat loss nutritional regime for 24 weeks before we get to the shoot, so, like I said, I think I will just need 4 weeks with a coach....

    Can anyone help me out as to who to call on?

    I'm thinking Skip or Dr. Scott Stevenson, but I do not know if they would work with my for such a short period of time. Here's hoping

    Fire away guys!


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    Most coaches will be flexible in terms of length of packages.. They'll just list; 8, 12, 16 weeks etc as these are the most popular for a contest prep.

    Try dropping Skip a message. I worked with him for my last show and now off-season - v happy so far

    The site won't let me post Skips direct email address - so check his website out and contact via there..



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      hey rav , I would definitely hit skip up with an email. He does special packages for the punjabi contest prep. Im kidding, very accommodating to all