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  • Approach to warming up?

    Hey DC'ers ,

    Got a question for you regarding how you approach warmimg up particularly on leg days. Now before when I was training legs by themselves (following Dantes HCM mag routine) I would start by riding the stationary bike for 5-10mins just to get the blood flowing followed by stretching then some light warm ups with leg ext, curls and presses then move on to the main event but now with doing legs especially quads at the end of the workout I was wondering how others (esp. those over 30) approach warming you warm up at the beginning of your work out or take time in the middle prior to starting the ham/quad exercises I'm usually presses for time and trying to be the most efficent with my time as possible

    thanks for your replys

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    There is no way you should rush warming up. What I do is get on the treadmill for 5-10 minutes, stretch the bodypart I am about to train a little, and then proceed to do as many warm up sets as I deem necessary for that bodypart in particular before moving onto my work set.

    Someone that is squatting 600 on their work set is going to need alot more warm ups than someone that is doing 225. The one squatting 225 may need 1-2 warm up sets, the one doing 600 may need 4-5. Move through these warm ups swiftly (in other words, not much rest at all in between the warm ups) and deliberately. These warm ups are non-taxing and should not ever take away from your actual work set.


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      USMuscle9403:I don't really give a fuck from here on out.
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        Originally posted by FrigginHuge
        USMuscle9403:I don't really give a fuck from here on out.
        It was about the other guy not listening to people's advice


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          Thanks for reply USM but I guess I should clarify I was inquiring more as to WHEN most warm up prior to attacking their legs meaning do you hit your bi's , forearms, first then do something prior to the actual exercise warm up... ex. treadmill, light ext,curls, presses then go on to the rest of the workout for calfs, hams, quads( warming up with the actual exercises of course too) or do the warm up aspect prior to beginning the entire workout


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            OK I THINK I am understanding you here now..

            This is a personal choice and it is not the most time-efficient so I hope some others can chime in but I do 5-10 mins on the treadmill, then before each bodypart I only do warm up sets of the exercise itself. I don't do anything else to warm up like for instance, leg extensions before my squats. I would only do lighter squats to warm up for squats before doing them.

            I THINK that's what you wanted to know LOL, sorry...low carbs


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              Thats the ticket to the low carbs thanks again
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                I like what Dorian Yates used to say,,, Warm up just enough,, no more and no less.... There you have it,,, the fortune cookie wisdom for the day guys...
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                  DOZ61, riding the bike or walking on the mill for 5-10 minutes is fine then just go to your exercise and do a few light warm up sets to pyramid your way to your working set, that how we do it when doing DC, just do not over tax yourself, they are just warm ups as BP said, you do not want to take any strength from any working set, warm up with every exercise...
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                    I wear full sweats pants, hooded sweatshit ( hood down ), and 2 t-shirts. I usually find that for smaller bodyparts I can do 1-2 sets but for squats and deads etc I need 3-5 sets.

                    I would squat like this if I had to:

                    545x???? ( work set)

                    Again, I too, do just enough to get everything loose and flowing.
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                      ...and so you know I can hit 405 for 20. Again, just warm up enough to get this loose and flowing.
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