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  • The Warrior

    The Warrior stepped onto the battlefield. The purpose of all his training, of everything he had done in his life up to that point, was to be fulfilled that morning. He surveyed his foes, checked his carefully documented plan of attack, and began the task he had come to perform. The first stop was the Smith machine, where a trio of adversaries awaited him. The first he demolished with relative ease, adding three reps to his prior best. “Next time add 10 lbs. to the incline press,” our Warrior thought, as he turned to face his next opponent, the shoulder press. Again, he checked his attack plan, putting the same amount of weight on the bar as he had vanquished before, then with a tight grin adding 20 more. Last to fall was the Reverse Grip Bench. Would our battle-weary Warrior be able to defeat this grisly foe? With a determined look he fixed his brow and destroyed his prior record.

    Triumphant, the Warrior turned from the Smith machine to the next site of battle where another opponent stood waiting for him; the V-Grip Pulldown. The Warrior stepped up, added 10 lbs. to his prior best, and proceeded. A small fly landed on the Warrior’s shoulder, buzzing in his ear, but the Warrior paid it no mind. The fly disappeared, and the Warrior stepped away from his vanquished foe, smiling at his victories, and yet apprehensive about what lay ahead: his toughest foe of the day, the Rack Deadlift. The Warrior slapped 20 lbs. onto his prior record and cranked out 8 grueling reps, then added another plate. He took a step back and looked at the bar bending under the weight of five plates on each side. It was a mere warm-up for more accomplished Warriors, but would be an accomplishment for him nevertheless. The flies swarmed around, looking over their shoulders, as the Warrior approached the bar and raised it not four, but five times! With a triumphant roar, the Warrior stepped away, all his foes vanquished, and as he left the field of battle, his heart swelled with pride. But then as he turned back around for one last look, his brow furrowed, as he realized his foes would be back again, and stronger than ever. He would be ready.

    What is best in life?

    To crush your logbook, see it driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the fitness geeks!

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    pretty much sums up DC style war!
    Some people are so afraid of dying they never actually start living.