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Cruising Vs. Taking a week off

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  • Cruising Vs. Taking a week off

    Could taking a week off after a blast and stepping into a blast right after be just as benefecial as cruising? i was forced to do it once over the summer when i went on vacation where the gym there was 10 dollars per visit. It seemed like it rested my body nicely, could this be a proper alternative?

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    I would actualy like to know if that would be a good alternative, or maybe to take a week off after every other blast, like this...

    wk1-4 Blast
    wk4-6 Cruise
    wk6-10 Blast
    wk10-11 week off

    continue cycle over

    DC STYLE!!!


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      I'm not going to answer for DC here, but my opinion: why not just listen to your body?? If you feel you could go on training and gaining, then do a cruise and take it a bit easier.. if you're feeling torn, take a week off. Just my 2 cents.


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        No, IMO if you like skip a few workouts during your cruise, maybe lift two times a week, this is easy lifting straight sets, the most I ever took off was 4 days in a row and that almost killed me during the cruise, I would not want to come back after a week off and go right back to blasting, I would be afraid of injury.

        Now if you have a serious injury whole different story...
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