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pulley row high pulls (dc variation) question

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  • pulley row high pulls (dc variation) question

    Pulley row high pulls-awesome for lat width here guys--this is going to be a pain in my ass to explain but lets see if i can do it--god its so much easier showing someone these in person. First up--do you know that position that is at the bottom of a stiff leg deadlift if you do it very deep (some people dont)--remember that position because that is key here ok?
    Ok-Your on a seated cable row with a close grip parallel handle--your legs are slightly bent--your aiming for the greatest amount of stretch possible at the very beginning of the pull ok so remember that you should be in that "position" above or close to it (I talked about earlier) thruout this whole movement. With your back rounded and you leaning forward (huge stretch) you pull the handle to right about 3 inches above the kneecaps, thats it. At no point do you stick your chest out and arch your back and pull the handle into your midsection and sit straight up as in a seated pulley row, what you do instead is flare your lats at the stretch at the very beginning and keep your lats flared till you pull right over your kneecaps and then control the return to the stretch and repeat. Because your bent forward in a position that doesnt put your back in a precarious safety position you will have no worries with a rounded back. I guess a simple way i could describe it is
    a)huge stretch at beginning
    b)do half a pulley row movement but dont lean your torso backward or arch your back--keep it stabilized maybe only moving a few inches the whole movement
    c)keep your lats flared outwards the whole way thru and dont crunch your scapula together--pull with your lats and pull the handle 2-3 inches over your kneecaps and return------15-30 reps rest paused is the deal on these and you will not be using the weight you use on seated pulley rows so wipe that from your memory banks

    i am not understanding how it resembles a high pull (like an olympic one?). am i just misinterpreting the name?

    is it that i am pulling high vertically (i am seated) to my face rather than to my waist?

    and not sure if i got this down: it is do a seated row but instead of pinched scapula, you flare them the ENTIRE time and only pull to 3 inches beyond the knees toward the waist.

    for clarification: is the 2-3 inches over the kneecaps vertically over (ground vs ceiling), or more towards the waist (horizontal)?


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    Mother of god..I need an enigma machine to crack what you said..

    Stiff leg dead (if done correct) = REAL low to the ground..that is the key here, that real low position..if you dont know it, youtube it.

    Now on a Seated row = Sit in it as you normally would,bend slightly at the knees, now re create the SLDL bottom position movement..SO lean all the way forward, now round your lower back and keep leaning, if you do this correctly, your lats will have a monumental stretch where is inserts in the arm pit.
    It will look like your trying to lick your vastus medialis.
    (NOTE, its the old fashioned seated row, not the ones health clubs have now that put the seat at an angle of 45 degrees over the foot placement..Old Fashioned row = Seat and foot pad are parallel to the ground)

    Now grasp the handles, and make sure the weight is off the weight stack..(if it aint, move your bum further back a little)..NOW STAYING in the bottom position (as in the SLDL) you flare your lats at the start and ONLY row the handles back to just above your knee cap, SLOWLY return the weight to the stack, concentrating on that stretch..NEVER come out of the SLDL bottom position..Do not retract the scapula or draw the Handle further back than over the knee.


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        thanks martin and thanks german for the vid! looks like i need to revamp my form since my arms were dying at the end