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Cleaning house at for 2014

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  • Cleaning house at for 2014

    we put up 75 protein mixes today for 50% off....they sold out in 5 hours.

    We put up a bunch of Leucine malate (oh no you guys are going to know who we were making products for quickly)....anyway thats Leucine at a 1 to 1 ratio with Malic Acid so it goes into solution easily. In Theory it should be much more bioavailable also. It is sour so i would highly recommend putting it in some kind of Lemonade flavored drink such as Lemonade Sugar Free Powder Stix - AriZona Beverage Co.

    That is an absolute steal on Leucine... 2 pounds of leucine would cost 100 dollars regularly....its selling for 25 bucks.

    D-aspartic Acid Nitrate the testosterone booster that is supposed to be more assimilated is on there for 44 dollars for 2 pounds. Two pounds of regular D-aspartic acid would cost 190 to 210 dollars....but again i dont produce for that company anymore so im liquidating everything that we dont sell.

    We will be loading up another huge batch of protein mixes on monday and all next week and we just now put a 10% off sale on cold filtration isolate for 24 hours which ends saturday night at midnight our time -- code is WPICF10

    Im cleaning house/inventory for 2014 and its your gain.
    IG is


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    Didn't mean to hi jack the thread... Jus expressing gratitude... I was stuck at that 200-208 mark for a 2 years
    I see you didn't take a s#!t before deadlifting....
    I too like to live dangerously


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      Damn! Looks like I missed out on some amazing deals!
      Please use my 5% off coupon code at if you think my posts are informative/interesting/helpful etc


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        do these deals apply to international customers?

        I am from Australia - and when i go to select shipping address, it says 'no shipping options for this address'