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  • True nutrition inventory cleanout

    We did inventory....we are cleaning out raw materials and products that we no longer produce or have stopped producing for other companies. And its a boatload and a half.

    Check the TN discount outlet later on today and the following days if you guys want deals of a lifetime....we are letting some things go for cost and below cost.

    First UP LBA"S....if anyone wants them

    I am going to show you how to make your own LBA's and the price will incredibly low. We did inventory and we are clearing out a slew of things we arent using anymore. Again after these LBA materials run out, thats it....gone. But some of you could set yourself up for LBA's for years and years if you want to.

    This is first come first serve until this runs out. Also I will pack 12 empty 16oz LBA bottles in everyones order so you can store your batch ....up until those bottles run out also

    To make each gallon/128 ounces of LBA's you only need to do the following

    1) Buy 1kg/2.2lbs of hydrolyzed beef collagen from the TN discount outlet (THIS IS 50% OFF!)
    under Going Going Gone... (there are only a couple hundred kilos left...when thats gone, thats it!)

    2) Go to and buy 2lbs of BPI (Beef Pro Isol.) True Nutrition | Beef Protein Isolate (1lb)

    3) While at also buy 2 chocolate flavor packs (or any flavor you want to make LBA's in, chocolate is usually everyones favorite)
    True Nutrition | True Nutrition Premium Flavor Packs (50g)

    4) Buy 2lbs of glycerin/glycerol from Bulk Vegetable Glycerin | Bulk Apothecary or a similiar place

    5) Filtered water, or purified water or any high quality water that you drink

    Here are the directions to make 1 gallon of LBA's for yourself (3632 grams)

    934 grams of hydrolyzed beef collagen
    934 grams of beef protein isolate
    2 (100g) chocolate flavor packs
    846 grams of glycerin
    817 grams to 1000 grams of filtered water (start with 817 grams of water and if you have trouble getting the ingredients in solution add some water)

    DIRECTIONS: Basically take the water and glycerin and put it in a large blender, or a large bowl using a hand held stick blender. Start the blender or stick blender on low to start the liquid whirl, after that...then slowly start added hydrolyed beef collagen, slowly sprinkling the powder in, not all at once, this should take a minute or so, then add the flavor slowly, then add the beef protein isolate slowly. Blend for about 2 minutes or until consistent, pour the liquid into appropriate containers (like the ones we are giving you) and store in refridgerator. It's as easy as that... The only hard part of LBA's is getting them to mix into solution and if you have any trouble at all with that (you shouldnt) just slowly add more water and mix. Refrigerate anything you are not using currently and put it at room temperature if you are using it right now.

    That's it. For you guys who have been upset LBA's are discontinued, here is your chance. You can make gallons and gallons of this stuff for yourself...but once we run out of raw ingredients, I am 95% sure we wont restock a material for something we don't make anymore.

    So there you go...jump on it now because its going to go fast.

    Like I said we are going to be liquidating a boatload of raw ingredients we made in products for other companies or that we no longer produce (should be a tremendous amount on the facebook outlet center by the end of the day....stuff like leucine malate for 50% off <----that's a ridiculous price for leucine that will be instantized and go into solution. There is going to be so many things on the discount outlet shortly it will make your head spin.

    But if you want LBA's for now and the future, I would get on it now.
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    Regarding Leucine Malate: Is the dosing any different than regular L-Leucine? Does anyone here have experience with Leucine Malate and any input into its effectiveness? I can't seem to find much information regarding Leucine Malate anywhere online. If this is pretty much the same as L-Leucine, than its a phenomenal deal!
    Use True Nutrition Discount Code YKF124 for 5-10% off of all orders from!

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