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How much glutamine pre-contest

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  • How much glutamine pre-contest

    I am still working towards a contest first week in November (whether I make it or not is to be seen)
    But my calorie intake is down in the mid 3000 range and my recovery time is starting to REALLY increase.
    I've had some setbacks, infections, kidney stones, cold in the last 4 weeks that have derailed me, but I have been trying to keep up.
    I know DC truly believes in Glutamine, but my 'search' has revealed no threads where amounts are suggested (bounced through the ten most likely titles)
    I am 7.5 weeks out
    6'2" 230lbs, 39yrs old, still double digit BF (damn!)
    My last leg day, I couldn't walk right for 5 days because my hams & glutes were so damn sore.
    Even with my 'supplement' intake, I think my calorie restriction is killinbg my recovery. I do not currently take glutamine.
    What are suggested dosages?
    I am eating 6-7x day, larger shakes morning, tapering off in calorie content as the day goes by, pre-bed shake of yates pro-pept
    Even if I don't get contest shape, I am looking to drop mid single digit so I can start DC bulking for the winter and not be a balloon come March.
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    if its any help im 4 weeks out from the british finals and currently use 10g straight after am cardio (just in luke warm water), 10g straight after pm workout/cardio then 10g on an empty stomach just before bed.

    Dont no if anyone has a better way of using it but this is just my 2cents worth.
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      I would keep glutamine intake the same until 2-3 weeks out from a contest and then cut it out. It depends if you need to loss more bf or not. When trying to lose the last stubborn bf% your body can burn glutamine as a sugar or energy instead of fat.