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  • Bicep excercices

    yep, my biceps grow well 15-20 rep range, but I'm so bored traditional movements like bb curls.
    What exercices do you guys do, anything special?

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    why not vary the angles of bb curls? open grip,close grip?
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      Seated DB Curls, SPider curls (like preacher curls, but turn the pads round, so biceps still get stimulation at the top of the concentric movement)
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        I liked dumbell preacher curls.
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          i'm not sure what dc would think about this one, but 1 arm pull ups are always interesting(do them on assisted pull up machine if you need to.

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            I just started blasting again (well trying to, I'm cutting) and I am loving a new biceps exercise (new to me) that I experimented with when cruising. It's basically a close grip preacher curl. I love it. Don't be afraid of cable curls either, I know there's a huge stigma surrounding them but they work.


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              as my dad says bro only so many ways to skin a cat
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                close grip BB curls, DB curls, incline bench DB curls (my favourite) and hammer curls!
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                  oh yer, and try tearing a bicep for a really good peak! lol (and no this is not a real suggestion)
                  Some people are so afraid of dying they never actually start living.