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What do you consider strong?

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  • What do you consider strong?

    What does everyone consider a respectable amount of weight for the following lifts? Let's say the person in question attempting this weight is around 200 pounds.

    Horizontal Pushing (Bench or Incline Press)

    Horizontal Pulling (Barbell Row)

    Vertical Pushing (Military Press or DB Press)

    Vertical Pulling (Rack Pulls, Pull-Ups X Bodyweight)

    Deadlift (Partial and Full from floor)


    Curls (DB and Barbell)

    Extensions (Close-Grip Press or Lying Extensions)

    Also, what do you consider to be an ideal bodyweight to be for, let's say, a 5'9" individual?

    Just curious to see everyone's take on this.
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    Bench - ~450
    BB Row - ~300
    BB Press - ~315
    Pull-ups - Not sure
    Deads - ~600
    Squats - ~600
    Curls - ~135 BB *strict for reps*, ~ 65s DB
    Lying Extensions - ~ 150+

    5'9" @ 230+ with low bodyfat.

    That is just my take, but why?


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      basics for a 198r are the following in pro powerlifting ranks
      sq- 750+
      bench- 450-550
      dl- 7+

      but truly what i feel is strong is a bodyweight plus lift, if ure 200 then a 250+bench, stuff like that, seeing the average american cant even do a correct pushup, which is sad in itself

      i always agree with what i say


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        I was just curious to see what everyone's take on this was. Strong and huge are two words that get thrown around a lot without really any boundaries on what constitutes them.
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          1.5-2x bodyweight on bench
          1-1.5x bodyweight on rows
          1-1.5x bodyweight bb press
          15+ pullups
          2-3x bodyweight squat
          2-3x bodyweight deads
          .6-.75x bodyweight BB curls for reps
          .2-.25x bodyweight DB curls for reps
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            Strength is relative and I think it's dangerous to get that mindset what is and what isn't. You do what you do. Believe me, even when healthy, I don't walk around looking at the 200 lb guys thinking "Wow, they just aren't as strong as I am." I respect the effort and intensity along with a good plan. That will lead to strength...whatever that % is for you.
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              I honestly don't really think about weight as much as I used to. Anymore, it is just a number for me to crush in my log book in my quest to get bigger and nothing else.
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                I agree with Future, who gives a shit what weights you use means nothing, its all relative to what you weigh and as long as you kick the log books ass, who cares...
                "That damn log book"

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                  Seems some of you have my school of thought. I have never been one to focus primarily on strength related goals. I like a little bit of everything, and the constant struggle to do better in the gym in a multitude of ways. I like strength, don't get me wrong, but I don't really care if someone can bench or squat more than me.
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                    dont forget that height has a thing to do with moving heavy weights also. a guy who is 5 foot 9 is going to have alot easier time with many lifts compared to a 6 foot 4 guy. what im really getting at is that weights are simply a means to getting bigger. i really dought that you would laugh at the poundage that another guy is using if hes bigger than you.