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Since we can never again do any TrueNutrition auctions

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  • Since we can never again do any TrueNutrition auctions

    You can thank the FDA for that and also virtually any other change that has pissed you off over the last year.

    But we now have an outlet store (didn't think it would take off like it did...we have already had 68 orders today)
    so sorry I got this to you late and a lot of facebook people jumped on it

    You can see discounted items here.

    These come from mistakes my crew makes...usually flavoring something in chocolate instead of vanilla or putting too much of a percentage of something in a mix (we have a double check system so if someone puts 45% of egg white in a mix and it was supposed to be 35% it gets caught and has to go in the discount item section)
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    This is awesome Dante! Gotta keep my eye on that outlet for when something pops in that I want.

    EDIT: Just picked up 10 pounds of complete milk dairy isolate for $76 including shipping!
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      wait what is wrong with auctions


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        THis is great. I might buy a few things off here. Too bad none of your pre workouts got messed up haha.


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          Good thing I saw this thread! I just picked up some goodies.


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            Originally posted by drcrappants View Post
            wait what is wrong with auctions
            As Dante mentioned, new FDA regulations = no forum auctions.

            Personally, I actually prefer the TN Outlet on Facebook. It was so difficult to figure out what the high bids for items on the forum were.
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              HAHA I think this may be why I swear my choc peaanut butter cup tastes 100% like banana


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                hmm what stupid regulation forced this?


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                  Our govt is really getting bad


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                    Thanks, i'll have to check this out time to time

                    That sucks about the FDA regulations, what a load of crapp that is


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                      imagine that, the FDA doing something they shouldn't be with the nutrition industry. thanks for the heads up Dante!

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                        Awesome feature Dante, super easy to use too.

                        I've already spent over $300 on there
                        Save 5% at with the Discount Code TEI736!


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                          Damn guys, awesome deals! 5lbs of Custom Mix- Egg White Protein (25%), Gemma Pea Protein Isolate non-GMO (25%), Milk Protein Isolate (50%)/ Electrolytes for $30?? Nicely done!

                          This will definitely be beneficial.
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