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****Discount Code Winnings for March 2013***

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  • ****Discount Code Winnings for March 2013***

    It is time once again to award our loyal customers with more free product and cash! The winnings are now be issued as either Store Credit or Cash per the link below. Cash collections are issued out through Paypal, and require a W-9 to be filed prior to collection.

    Referral Code Rules:

    **ALSO** True Nutrition has a number of Clearance items that may be purchased using your discount code winnings, as well. Contact Carl for the complete list! First come, first serve.
    Discount Code Winnings
    March, 2013

    $300 $40 $80
    BRD231 Brendan
    DDS463 David
    JSG555 Jonathan
    JYC278 Jer
    KEB246 Kyle
    KJM329 Kevin
    MDR963 Matt
    RKE157 Rick
    SNR116 Steven
    ZYL281 Zach
    KEN737 Kyle
    YKF124 Isaac
    SEP824 Steve
    SCH1056 Scott

    $600 $80 $160
    axg725 Alex
    LMR104 Liam
    MWC900 Matthew
    TSH223 Travis
    TML1152 Theo
    CNG843 Cameron

    $900 $120 $240
    DKT737 Derek
    ERB326 Ryan
    KSF812 Kurtis

    $1200 $160 $320

    $1500 $200 $400
    CNS130 Casey

    $2400 $320 $640
    JNG375 John

    $3000 $400 $800
    MRP377 Manvir

    $7800 $1040 $2080
    bnt602 Ben

    $10200 $1360 $2720
    SBW127 Steve
    Discount winnings for March 2013

    Please contact Carl at [email protected] with your preference for either cash or store credit or to request a W-9, and thanks again for all of your efforts and continued support!
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