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  • equipment

    being a powerlifter and all i feel i need to ask this question
    do u guys use any of the following
    knee wraps on ure quad exercise
    wrist support wraps on chest/shoulder/tri
    wrist wraps on dl and stretching

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    i always use knee wraps on my heavy sets. i use wrist support on all chest and bicep movements for my left wrist. i have broken it twice so if i get too much pressure on it it starts to hurt. i cant even do wrist curls anymore. they just kill me. i dont need em for deadlifting though. i usually wear a belt loosely to keep my back muscles warm. due to a herniated disc it can get real painful if it's not nice and warm
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      Yes, yes and yes, I use wraps on my worksets for sure, ok I am old I use them all the time but Legs only the heavy ass worksets...
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        I wear a belt, wrist wraps and a knee wraps.
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