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Olympics to cut wrestling

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  • Olympics to cut wrestling

    I dont watch all the rounds of wrestling during the Olympics but i will usually watch the finals. Its sad that they are removing this tradition from the line-up.

    In a shocking move, the International Olympic Committee voted to drop wrestling from its schedule for the 2020 Games. The unexpected decision was made via secret ballot during a Tuesday meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland where officials were discussing ways to … Continue reading
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    And adding skateboarding and rock climbing I think right? Yep..nothing says Olympics like kids with their hats on sideways and their pants down around their ass...

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      That is really kind of sad. The olympics are supposed to pay tribute to tradition, and wrestling hails from the first Olympic games.

      Bravo IOC...Bravo
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        Ok when i first saw this on fb this morn i was like wtf now im just pissed! I wrestled from age six and into college! This is a bunch of horse shit! sorry for the volger language but as i said im pissed! They keep ping pong and horse dancing and shit like that but a sport that supports morals and discipline and removes the youth from gang activities they cut, It a crock!


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          What are they thinking??

          Besides college, the Olympics are as far as you could go in this sport. Most wrestlers don't make a dime competing. They compete out of true passion which is why I love this sport so much. These are the best conditioned athletes, IMO.
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            yeah pretty much the stupidest thing ever..


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              this is horrible.......


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                I feel physically ill. This is beyond stupid of the IOC. Wrestlers are amongst the best conditioned (mentally and physically) of any athletes out there. Look who dominates in the UFC (another extremely tough sport)...wrestlers. Wrestlers are a different breed of superhuman that have that "I would rather die on the mat than lose" attitude, that you just don't see in many sports, especially some of the lame-ass "sports" now included in the Olympics. IMO...Unless you have wrestled, or been in a wrestling family, you probably will never get to see or experience what pushing way past your limits is really about. I also played football, soccer, track, bodybuilding, etc....NOTHING compares to it! I wrestled from 2nd grade on, I currently help train wrestlers in the gym, (I only allow my daughters to date wrestlers), and I am sickened that many young talented high school and collegiate wrestlers are running into dead ends in the sport.
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                  Pure fucking nonsense. My oldest son is wrestling in college next year, and wrestling for a shot at the Olympic team has been a dream of his for a decade.

                  Fuck the IOC for this. Wrestling is as pure a sport as there is.
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                    WTF ?

                    Wrestling has been in the Olympics since the Greeks where doing it. It's pretty much the only sport that lived through ages.

                    And they're putting skating and rock climbing in ?! What have these guys been smoking ?

                    Says a lot of today's decline of physical sports.
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                      The Book Has Arrived!
                      The Book Has Arrived!

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                        It's gotta be about the money... but I can't believe some of the other stupid sports bring in more money.

                        I for one will not watch them if it does in fact stay removed...
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                          What a bunch of crap. Unbelievable.
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                            Truly unbelievable.


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                              Golf is the reason they are taking wrestling away what a horrible switch