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  • 100's and DC style

    I apologize if this has been answered....."100" is not a searchable word. Many of you, I recognize from A's board. I posted this there as well, as the thread "All use BB'ers is endurance athletes" spurred the question.

    I'm using the typical MWF DC routine. However I've incorporated sets of 100's to the end of each workout. e.g. I'll work 1/2 the body heavy first, and then the other half with 100's at the end of the workout. I'm thinking that I'm respecting and adhering to both the nerve and muscle recovery rates. Even though it would seem I'm working the body 3 times a week. And just for clarification, my sets of 100 are EXTREMELY low in weight compared to that of my heavy sets. With squat I'm talking heavy - 315, 100's - 65.

    Is anyone else doing this? Will the 100's be too taxing to recover for the heavy days? Has anyone tried the split suggested on A's board.....4 days, Upper/lower split, 1 day heavy - the other consisting of 100's?

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    so, let me get this right - your trying to combine DC training with endurance training? how is it working out for u? but if your trying it now, wouldnt you know if its too taxing for the heavier days?

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      What is the intended purpose of the 100's? What is their added benefit?
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        High reps like that are nothing more than cardio my friend holding a dumbbell or whatever. They serve no real muscle building purpose IMO. Instead of doing 100 reps ride the bike or something.
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          There is no benefit, please just do the program as outlined unless you are interested in wasting muscle.


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            Originally posted by bigp3
            High reps like that are nothing more than cardio my friend holding a dumbbell or whatever. They serve no real muscle building purpose IMO. Instead of doing 100 reps ride the bike or something.
            Girth, Welcome to the board, and I agree with BP here, now if you were to do say Leg press with 6 on each side for 100 and you normally do 8 on each side for 10, then it might help you but if you did them once in a great while.

            I cannot see you doing these 100s and expect to recoup in time on a 3 day split, and if you are I think you are not using enough intensity or weight...
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              First and foremost, I thank you all for the replies, and timeliness of them at that. Also, I probably should have introduced myself better. And I'll try to keep it short.

              I ran across the CFP thread when it was originally posted on A's board. It was at that point that I took myself from 195 to 230 over the course of a year. I stayed there for a bit (6months to a year), then got bitten by the athletic bug. Being young enough to still keep up with anyone, I missed the feeling of winning and domination. And all the added mass was prohibitive to my sports as they all are power factor based.

              I've since been focusing on sport performance. And although I know this to be the wrong board for it.......I still want to chase the oxymoron which is size and agility/explosiveness.

              With that in mind, I've decided to get back on the DC training regimen. But based on the posts by Animal about the hypertrophy of endurance fibers, and how if might be beneficial to my sport performance, I came up with the 100 rep thing.

              I was not attempting to bastardize DC's program as so many already have. I've seen the many tongue in cheek, patience-laden posts by Dante, to those asking how to change his program. It's simple to me. If a guy like DC has laid out a plan based on years of experience, there's a reason for most everything in that plan. Thus, don't fuck with it. But with my goals not being totally in line with his, I thought I'd ask.

              Ok, that's enough of the intro. I will listen to the hames I know, and others. Stick with the plan, and save the sport training for outside the gym.


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                I try to keep in shape doing many different things. When I lift I stick to DC's program. The way I get some higher reps if thats what I'm in the mood to that do is instead of 12-15 RP I shoot for 25-30 RP. Now outside of the gym, I do run quite a bit and I make sure to incorporate push-ups, pull-ups, dips, plyometrics, sprints, boxing, grappling etc. into my outside the gym training. I find doing anything other than DC style training in the gym is boring and doesnt pack on any muscle. I do sacrafice some size by the added training, but I'm not trying to get past 220. Right now I'm 5'9 212. At 223 I could barley run without getting lower back pain and shin splints.


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                  Thanks haze, I know exactly what you mean with regard to the "growing" pains. Are your endeavours in these other activities competitive? Or are they merely something for variety? Have you tried other methods of weight training and measured the impact they had on your performance in said activities?

                  Also, I made mention of it above, but are there others here on this board that place as much of an emphasis on performance as that of muscle mass? By performance, I mean in that of other sports. If so, how have different styles of weight training impacted your ability?

                  DC may even want to speak to this. With all of your clients, are any after other effects beyond more mass for aesthetic purposes?
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                    bump for edited message above.


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                      I promise this is the last try. Any strength trainers (not powerlifting), that utilize the DC approach to excel in their sport? I don't want to beat this to death as I know this is more of a BB board. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a more athlete-minded training board?