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  • Ex Strongman now Powerlifting

    Did a couple of searches but didn't come up with too much...maybe I was using the wrong key words or something.

    I am an ex strongman competitor now moving into raw powerlifting (IPF Classic). I have used DC training a while back, and I really liked it. My question is, would I be better off doing something like 5/3/1 or would going back to DC style training benefit me just as much? I know we talk about guys like Justin Harris etc and PowerBuilding...I like the idea of being able to train each bodypart/movement more often than once a week like in 5/3/1...especially pressing movements.

    Thoughts on this from anyone?

    I'm 33, 5'11" and compete in the 105kg class.

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    I would follow a west side methods or metal militia. DC is for size strength mostly.....not for powerlifting IMO
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      I understand your opinion. I am looking at staying 3 days a week in the gym - 4 days a week just doesn't work for my schedule...hence looking at DC and being able to train twice every 8-9 days rather than 14 days in a typical 3 day split.


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        Doing westside like DC style:

        Week 1:
        M: LB (speed / RE)
        W: UB (ME)
        F: LB (ME)
        Week 2:
        M: UB (speed / RE)
        W: LB (speed / RE)
        F: UB (ME)

        This would ensure you work every group for 3 times in 2 weeks just like with DC, but now you're focussing on gaining strenght.
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          Forever ago I wrote up some things about using rest pause work.

          I recommend using a three-day-a-week rotation using four training sessions.
          Workout A
          Workout B
          Workout C
          Workout D
          And so on....

          Rest pause your work set that you might use for like 531 etc. You can do the same with assistance work but I would vary it as I was not able to recovery getting closer to my meet.
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