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Dusty 11 days out of Nationals

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  • Dusty 11 days out of Nationals

    About 3 quarters, 2 dimes and and a nickel below 270 pounds
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    Damn he looks great. I hope he gets his pro card.


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      Originally posted by Doggcrapp View Post
      About 3 quarters, 2 dimes and and a nickel below 270 pounds
      Dante- how much heavier is he from last time?

      I know you and Chris wanted him above 300 this past off-season.

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        Looking shredded. Shoulders/Chest/Arms are THICK. From that angle (and this isn't to point out his flaws, just trying to offer some constructive criticism) it looks like his hamstrings are the only "lacking" part. And I only say that because the rest of his physique is so well developed.

        I'll be watching the results to see how he does, hopefully well.


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          Looking good. Pulling for him to get his card.

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            Looks like his bottom half thickened up quite nicely as well; from front to back.
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              Sick work by all you guys and I hope he kills it!
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                I watched a vid of Dusty training a few days ago, he was doing back-rack shrugs specifically and the weight he was using scared me. It literally frightened me.

                Dusty seems like a good guy, he's a fucking bulldog....just never stops.



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                  Now THAT is thick as a brick! WOWZERS! His shoulders are thicker than my quads. LOL... actually, that's not funny...sigh...
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                    chest looks much denser, great work man.....looks like a IFBB physique to me!
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                      Stupidly thick!
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                        Crossing my fingers for his pro card... He has worked damn hard for it.


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                          Originally posted by mister69 View Post
                          Dante- how much heavier is he from last time?

                          I know you and Chris wanted him above 300 this past off-season.
                          I believe he mentioned on Facebook a week or two ago that he expects to be almost 20lbs heavier on stage this year.

                          EDIT: Found the post, he actually said 15.

                          This was on October 1st:
                          "I should weigh about 15lbs more on stage this year than last. I am much softer at this stage than I was last year but that is by design because I lost a lot of muscle last year and looked like sh*t on stage"
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                            Damn! The separation in his chest is unreal.

                            Wishing him the best this year.
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                              Looking dialed in and Fing huge. Someday.......... Hoping he lands that pro card! Deserves it!
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