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    Sorry guys if this is already a thread somewhere else.

    Was just wandering how you guys are mixing your protein powder from TN's website.

    I like to drink 25 grams of protein with most of my food meals.

    Am trying to put together a good custom blend for meal to meal use (not particularly for immediate post workout)

    Blend suggestions?
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    there are already a bunch of these threads...

    Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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      I like chocolate flavored Beef Protein or Watermellon flavored Micellar casein for anything outside powo and prewo shakes.

      You can try chocolate flavored LBA for desert and see how you like it, people say it tastes like a Hershey bar.
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        I'm about to try out team skip, as long as the taste is good its a great blend and csnt go wrong with TN. That being Theres a protein called trutein that is a 40%whey 40%casein 20%egg and is considered the best tasting protein on the market. gonna give these both a try and see which one tastes better. For me it's REALLY hard to find a blend with casein in it that tastes good. The old myofusion was amazing but now it has that thick chalky casein taste. I can really tell a differenc when I use a blend. If I drink a gold standard whey in 30 minutes I'm starving, when I drink a blend with half casein I'm fuller longer. If this translates to results I have no idea but when dieting its a huge factor


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          Others have said this on other threads, but I can testify that TeamSkip in Natural Chocolate (i.e., with stevia) tastes phenomenal.


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            ^^ 100% trying this out, placing an order ASAP I try to avoid artificial flavoring and aspartame whenever I can, especially in a protein drink I use 3x a day