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Fat content when rinsing beef...

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  • Fat content when rinsing beef...

    OK, I know I will be accused of overanalyzing here LOL, but I need to know this...

    How much fat is really lost when you rinse ground beef or maybe cook it in the Foreman??? Just to play it safe, I just go by the unrinsed, uncooked nutritional values, but it's cutting time and I feel this would be quite a helpful bit of info for both myself and others.

    Soo...does anyone have any idea?

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    Hell, I've got an idea. How about I coko it in the Foreman and let the fat drain out into the little tray thingy, then put it on my scale and measure it and then minus the weight of the tray?



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      I jus have to reheat the beef i have so i stick it on a plate with some kitchen roll under it, then microwave it. The fat comes out, then i take another kitchen roll and pressontop to remove more.

      But i'd be interested to know how much rinsing affects it.


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        I will generally rinse mine in very hot water. It tends to get a little more of the fat out of the meat that way..But since I'm not cutting, I really am not to concerned with getting all of it out..
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          US, I only cook with 4% beef and when I cook turkey, chicken or steak when I am done I always use a ton of paper towels under my meat when cooling off and in storage so it soaks up the extra fat, you cannot minus the fat from the drippings cause a lot of that would be water and condensation from cooking...
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            Oh forgot to mention is you cook 4% beef in a pan on the stove uncovered their will be no fat left in the pan when its done cooking. Ok almost no fat, but there is always some in the meat no matter what.

            If I am forced to use 7% then I use paper towels as I cook it to soak up the extra then I do what Heck does with hot water in the sink, you can also use a collander to drain most of the fat off...
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              Ok i might cry because i dont know how lean the beef is that i get. I stick it in trays, put it in the oven and cook it, the fat drains out so i pour it out, then i put them in tubs and into the fridge.

              See now youve got me worried, maybe thats why im gaining bodyfat. DAMN YOU.


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                WHy not just boil the beef? I use 80% lean beef and cook 5 lb at a time this way. I first soak the beef in water so that all the blood diffuses out, rinse then fill pot with water till it just covers the beef. Then I break up the beef into a slurry with a spatula and allow it to cook for 30-45 min on a medium flame. ALL THE FAT RISES TO THE TOP. Have a net strainer available (not a collander) and dump beef/hot water/liquid fat into strainer and rinse with hot water. ALL THE FAT will be gone trust me. I know this because when I first started doing this and had a batch prepped, the following day I prepped a pot of boiling water and poured it on the beef in a strainer. Any residual fat would be melted and show up in the collection pot under the strainer. Quick little diagnostic. I think its the best way to prepare ground beef and eliminate ALL fat. I've been doing it this was for the last 8 months and it comes out great, plus its a very very efficient high throughput process.
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                  Wal Mart has a 3% fat ground beef now. I have been getting that and just straining it out. Problem with it is it is almost to dry to eat. You have to dump something on it to get it down. It is like saw dust.
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                    the foreman really doesnt get rid of a whole lot of fat... i almost ring mine out under the water. if it tastes real rough and dry and isnt oily, then its good. or if you really want to play it safe, just eat the beef with a salad to go with it and call it a pro/fat meal. and with the salad, just use the "grab and stab method" (put dressing on the side, dip tip of fork in dressing, stab salad, eat - you will hardly use any dressing and still get some flavor) if you like ranch dressing like i do.


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                      I am under the impression it removes half the fat when strained with hot water-- i use 93% and cook it 3-4 lbs at once in a 6 quart non-stick pan then strain and pakage
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