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  • Respect!

    IM going to be real blunt here. I cannot remember seeing a guy go from point A to point B (the distance from point A to point B) in this sport ever. Shelby was on the net like 12-13 years ago and his rise thru the ranks is highly documented with both pics and posts. I remember helping him in the beginning and (I admittedly went about it the wrong way) because I felt at the time his quads were so far ahead of him, I needed to get his upper body caught up pronto and nothing else mattered...I felt i had to do that 100% and quick because he looked so uneven to me...and thats kind of how I attacked him....but in hindsight I needed to take 2 steps back with him, get him where i think he needed to be as a starting point and then taken steps forward. Regardless....personally it is amazing to me to see where he came from and where he is now (IFBB Pro). As he said in the interview...people think he is naturally lean....What? His somatotype is probably endo/ecto/meso in that order. What has happened here is you have an individual (and this is the no bullshit blatant truth)...that is the most determined, steadfast, dedicated, unbelievable fortitude, 'I will get there no matter what you say'....mother%*^ker around........probably to a fault as he has given up alot of things (relationship and enjoyment wise) that most others wouldnt.
    Thats a long journey, I am personally imspired by people who work their ass off to get somewhere, and have that "I wont quit until I make it" attitude (unlike alot {the majority} of people in this endeavor who bitch and moan and complain like they are entitled to something).
    Simple put...Shelby Starnes gets my respect. Thats one hell of a freaking accomplishment. There is just no other way to put it.....and you guys who have been on the net over a decade and know Shelbys story and seeing a guy who was a local competitor in Michigan struggling to get noticed to now an IFBB pro....have to be nodding your heads in agreement.
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    I can remember YEARS ago on here talking with him via PM and telling him I would brag about knowing him when he became a pro. His response was "Oh, I'll never be a pro; I don't have the genetics."

    OH YEAH?! GUESS I WAS RIGHT, EH FUCKER?! :drum: :first:
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      thats an amazing video and testimonial

      huge respect
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        I felt way more excited about him winning than I have for any sporting event, even though I've never even met the guy. It really is amazing looking back at him competing in the 150s and year by year chipping his way up to where he is now. The passion really shows through in that video and you can tell the guy has truly poured his life into this sport.


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          He certainly deserves respect for what he has done both for himself and for others!!!


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            Congrats to Shelby. That was a very emotional interview. You can tell he wanted it so bad that it hurt.

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              i remember him way back from animals and IA posting pictures. Always was motivated by his dedication and progress. Eventually highered him a few years ago as well.

              Well deserved, he certainly put the time in effort in that's for sure.

              Congrats to him


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                Best nutritionist around, proud to say I've hired him to help in my journey.
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                  That's awesome indeed. Congrats to Shelby for doing his absolute best to get where he is.


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                    Amazing interview, really happy someone like him won his pro card. Congrats!
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                      I was going thru old posts of his awhile back just seeing how he started here. It's amazing at the progress he's made, not only in his bb'ing career, but his business career as well. He seems to be very well respected by his peers and alot of guys go to him to help with their prep....His carb cycle stuff is a bit too much for me, but it's awesome to see someone realize their dreams....Congrats Shelby!!



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                        An awesome person. He was great to work with and his attitude shows that. I met him last year when he wrecked his car. Really down to earth and humble....and intelligent. Congrats Shelby!
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                            Awesome. Congrats to Shelby for this great victory.
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                              good to see hard work pays off.Congrats Shelby