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Back thickness+trap bar deadlifts

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  • Back thickness+trap bar deadlifts

    Just wondering if anyone uses trap bar deads in their back thickness rotations. Was also wanting to know if a width movement can be replaced for a rowing movement if back thickness is a priorithy area

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    Trap bar deadlifts put your body in more of a squatting position than straight bar deadlifts and put more of an emphasis on your quads. IMO, they would not be a very effective back thickness exercise.

    Do not replace a width movement with a rowing movement because then you can set yourself up for some imbalances and you'll be spending time trying to correct that problem.

    What are your current back thickness exercises and back width exercises and possibly they can be changed to help with your trouble areas?
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      I think it can be an option. Is it ideal? Maybe not. If you like the movement why not through it in some where.
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        This is not advice, but rather an idea:

        As mental said, this is more of a quad movement. So maybe if traps are a weakness this could be an effective quad lift in your rotation...

        Dunno. Good luck.


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          Trap bar is gonna be one of the first buys for my gym when we move.... As mental said if its performed right then it really is a squat with the wt at arms length. More back then squats and more legs than deads. But if someone told me I could only do one ex the rest of my life trap deads/squats would be my first choice. The only way I would include it in a dc split would be if there were no squats or stiff deads the workout before and after.....or I would do it in leg day an only do back exs that don't involve the erectors at all in the next workout
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            I use it and love it. Iuse it as a back exercise for thickness and it works fine. I don't do DC but rather full body workouts so it is my back thickness/quads workout exercise that day.

            I can actually lift about 100lbs heavier on this than my deadlift and it is also a fair bit heavier than my squat. It feels like the most natural big lift I do.
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              excellent replies guys thanks.