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Tore my calf, now it's fugly!

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  • Tore my calf, now it's fugly!

    I have trained regularly my whole life (now 33) but the last year saw almost zero weights due to a whack work schedule.

    2 months ago, after 4 12-14hr work days (I'm a mover) in a row, with very little sleep, I decide to play soccer, and I was playing more 'explosively' than usual mostly to help get the work stress out. Calves were already pretty tight going in, I did stretch them a bit.

    About 15mins into soccer, I turned and bolted for the ball and heard a nice POP on acceleration. That was that.

    I never tore anything before so I wasn't aware of the serious nature of the injury. This happened about 10pm and I had a full move scheduled for the next morning at 9am. So I went home and applied RICE. Couldn't put any weight on that leg so I knew I couldn't work, but had to go anyway (it's my business) to drive the truck. No cane nothing, just limping around. I did wrap it though, and tried to keep any pressure off it.

    Did not go to the doctor. During the first week, everyday was less pain than the previous day, so I figured, no big deal, it's healing.

    Left it alone for a month, then started to take interest in what's going on there. I'm still extremely upset at what I see, I used to show these things off, now the entire inside roundness/sweep is virtually nonexistent. There is a noticeable 'divot' if I flex a certain way, and in general, it's just FLAT.

    This happened to my right (power) leg, and interestingly enough, the measurement is still about 1/4" bigger than left, but man it's ugly.

    My chiro started ART on it a couple weeks ago and he says it is what it is, no way to improve appearance.

    If you read all that, thank you!
    I guess all I'm looking for here is an outright DC/IM confirmation that there is absolutely nothing I could do to help 'reform' it.

    I may post pictures later if helps with feedback.

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    sorry to hear


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      I would like to see pictures. I believe and may be way off based but if you can function with the tear (still connected) than stretching and foam rolling should help with the muscle bunching (unless you have an ass load of scar tissue). In your shoes I would stretch like 20 minutes a day the calves, roll that shit with the stick or a Rollin pin and see where that takes you. If that doesn't work you can always get implants.