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  • appetite, hunger + cardio

    Hi everyone

    Does anyone here do some form of cardio everyday(or nearly everyday) - for the main purpose of allowing you to eat more during off-season etc...?? (of course, health is also a major factor)

    I currently do cardio everyday (30 mins after my workout - 4.5mph 9 to 9.5 incline) and 45 mins on off-days.

    I work an office-job, and i have an insane appetite. I can never recall every not feeling hungry or not wanting to eat a meal (and i rarely feel completely 'full' after a meal). Worse still, i always think about food. My diet is extremely clean, never have cheat meals etc.

    Is all my cardio contributing to my massive appetite? I know that i have always had a massive appetite before DC training + cardio protocol, but now, even working an office job, it is out of control.

    I find i eat a massive amount of veggies (usually fill a 2.5 litre container full of vegies) with my lunch meal and my first meal after carb cutoff to try and control my hunger.

    Any opinions, comments etc.. would be greatly appreciated