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    Gidday dogg pound crew,

    I have been reading this forum for over six months, having heard about the dogg crap workouts and doing some searching. Up untill now all questions I have had have been answered in stickys/threads so I havent had to register... Up untill now-

    I have recently had some problems with my hips... Long story short I am seeing a physio and getting them back to 100%... HOWEVER this may take a long time and I am still permitted to do upperbody work where I am supported... Bench/Shoulder Press/Pullups/Curls/Crushers all the fundamentals are fine to do...

    So basically im wondering if there are any alternatives of dantes workout that I can do which will exclude squats and deadlifts... I know these are the two fundamentals but I am currently doing tons of core/glute/hipflexor work so as soon as im better ill b as ready as ever to tackle these lifts again... Would it basically just turn into a push/pull M/W/F/M regimen?

    At my peak about 8 weeks ago I was squating 320 for reps so as far as wheels go im doing alright (im only 23!)... Just incase that info helps

    Cheers fellaz...

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    man bro I would talk seriously about what you can do with your doc or PT if you have had some major issues.
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      Originally posted by bigp3
      man bro I would talk seriously about what you can do with your doc or PT if you have had some major issues.

      Let us know what you can and absolutely cannot do (with legs) and I'm sure we can come up with a good slightly altered split for you.
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        badwheels, Well I never Squat or Deads, never lower back problems, I would continue physio til you are well enough to come back slowly with Leg Press, Hacks and the like just take your time, your legs will respond especially since you have not worked them in a while.

        And please do not try to kill yourself on this program with this kind of injury, just work into all legs real slow and forget about this program for a while...
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          If you have problem in that area, I would suggest being extremely careful when working the lower body (legs). I wouldn't consider squats for a while.

          Better yet, ask your doctor or your physical therapist what you can do and more importantly, what you should absolutely avoid.
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            Thanks for your replies fellas...

            The main point you guys outlined is the exact reason why I want to devise an altered program... Right now im fine... I have some hip problems but I can walk around, ride my bike, do everything without a problem... HOWEVER it could b 6+ months before they can handle a 300+ pound squat! No doubt in the coming months I will introduce some leg press/curl work, etc etc but nothing resembling intense and thus a great need for recovery...

            I have asked my physio what to avoid and he just said anything that involves yours hips... deads/squats, etc... Even bent over rows But I can do chins no problems

            But I dont want to stop dogg crapp for 6 months just because I cant squat... My legs are fine at the moment, and if they fall behind the rest of my body (inevitable) then thats no biggie.. I love training legs it will b a great challenge to sqaut myself back up to 320+ !

            So you see what im kinda getting at? My brain is telling me just to go back to a 3-5 day split hitting 1-2 upperbody muscles each day, and just forgetting legs... But I mean thats ignoring all dante principles.. Surerly there is a better way?