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Transition to the Corporate World - Diet Advise

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  • Transition to the Corporate World - Diet Advise

    Hi Everyone
    I have been a long time lurker here at IM and have read nearly all of the posts of Dante, Massive G, Homon etc. I have gathered a wealth of information about training + diet over the years.

    I'm about to start my career in the corporate world as a Graduate (just finished university). I am currently cruising at the moment and will start my next blast once work stats.
    My training goals are rapid muscle mass accumulation (as per DC training).

    I have put together a basic meal outline (very similar to my current/previous plan but obviously adapted to corporate life). I would appreciate any comments/advice from the IM mods/vets.

    I'm 24
    181cm, 90.5 - 91.5kg (thats approx 5ft 11, 200 pounds for the Americans)
    Bodyfat: around 10-12% (can see a good full set of abs in morning)
    I can tolerate carbs fairly well ( Also helps that I never skimp on cardio and like to get my HR up in one of my weekly cardio sessions)

    I am very motivated person and really want to ensure that despite starting my career and giving 100% to my work, i can still put 100% into my training/diet etc.

    (Mon, Wed, Fri)
    M1 4:30AM Wake Up (pre-workout)
    1 scoop Whey
    1/2 cup oats
    1/2 piece of fruit (pear, apple etc..)
    PROTEIN = 25g

    10g BCAA in water sipped on during training

    M2 PWO (around 7-7:15 AM)
    2 Scoops WPI
    30-40g Dextrose/Malto
    5-10g creatine
    PROTEIN = 56g

    M3 (Post PWO meal) - 7:45-8:00AM (get into office to start around 8am)
    2 Cups Oats
    140g tuna
    40g egg white albumen (or 140-150g chicken breast) (all mixed in together -
    its actually really nice)
    1/4 - 1/2 scoop of WPC (extra protein + taste)
    PROTEIN = 70g

    M4:10:30-11:00AM (Quick one, as im in office)
    WPC/WPI/Casein blend shake (get around 50g protein)
    1-2 Tablespoons of Natty PB
    PROTEIN = 50g

    M5:Between 12:30 - 2:00PM (Lunchtime)
    300-320g of lean beef/kangaroo
    1.5 cups brown rice (or 1 cup brown rice, 1 wholewheat salad sandwich for satiety)
    Huge 1.6L tuppaware container of steamed vegetable
    PROTEIN = 70g

    same as meal 4
    (might exchange natty PB for 1-2 tablespoons of Macadamia nut Oil or alternatively, swap the oil/PB for a piece of fruit for satiety)
    PROTEIN = 50g

    M7: (Dinner time - at home or at work if staying back late) 6:30 - 7:30PM approx
    300-350g lean red meat/kangaroo
    1.6 - 2.0L tuppaware container full of steamed vegetables (mainly green veggies, cauliflower etc..)
    PROTEIN = 70g

    M8: (before bed) anywhere between 9:00PM - 11:00PM
    250g Low fat cottage Cheese
    150g tuna
    PROTEIN = 60g

    Total Protein = approx 450g

    NON-TRAINING DAYS Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun
    (cardio 45min-1hr)
    similar structure to above but with a few changes

    M1 : 5-10g BCAA in water pre-cardio (cardio done between 5:30 - 7am)
    No Post-workout stake
    M2: 2 Cups Oats/egg whites/tuna mix (730-8AM)

    The rest of the day will remain the same.

    TOTAL: Shoot for around 420g protein over 6 meals (will bump up the 2 protein shakes at work to around 60-70g)

    I have not calculated the carbs/fats etc.. (obvious reasons, as they are not counted in DC training) but these will change etc as time goes on with constant measurement and adjustments.

    In looking at the plan there is not a great amount of sleep. However to be able to train at a well-equipped gym and train before work (as after work is not an option - as there is likely to be late nights at work etc..) i must rise early. Extra sleep can be gained on weekends or can change to tues/thus/sat so i can gain a weekend session etc..)

    In a couple months time, once i'm settled in, i'll look into hiring Homon, Skip Dusty etc.. so i can continue to reach my goals

    Thanks in advance

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    In looks pretty good. My 2 cents...

    1. You're cutting carbs pretty early. Are you sensitive? You're probably in the ball park of 300-350g on training days. Not a tiny amount but not a ton either.

    2. Many, myself included, have found success with having the first meal of the day following fasted cardio to be a pro/fat meal. Postponing that insulin response seems to help with fat burning.

    3. BCAAs prior to cardio is up to you. I personally don't think it is necessary and would error on the side of being fasted aside from some Green Tea extract.

    4. 45-60 minutes of cardio 4 times a week is a ton during the off season. Where do you go from there if you want to lean out?!

    I am guessing you are afraid of losing those abs and are going a little overboard on things. A little more food and a little less cardio and you will probably grow much better and still stay pretty lean.


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      ^^^^^This......good post.....



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        Listen to Adam, esp about the cardio...
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          Thanks for the replies guys, just have a few more questions/comments

          1.In relation to the cardio advice, If I have a pro/fat meal after cardio as advised, do you reckon i should i just replace that for M2 on non-training days? I ask this as this would only really leave the lunchtime meal (M4) the only carb meal (unless i add a pro/carb meal to M3 or M5, like ginded oats to a shake - as these meals are on-the-go)

          2. I'm not carb-sensitive. The only reason i planned to cut carbs after lunch is the change due to the relatively sedentary lifestyle in the corporate world (sitting down all day) - and i have an enormous appetite. I'm not afraid of losing my abs, just that i don't want to blow up like a balloon with excessive fat gain.

          3. would it be necessary to have BCAA (before or after) if doing cardio first thing in morning which gets the HR up, i.e. like 140-150. On my usual LI days I will eliminate the BCAA's as per the advice given and see how i go.


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            I wouldn't take BCAA's at all before fasted cardio. Some do. Like I said I prefer to be truly fasted and avoid even the small insulin spike from BCAA's. Plus I don't feel low impact steady date cardio to be anywhere near catabolic.

            Just put a Pro/Fat meal after cardio and then pick up with your normally planned Pro/Carb meals after that and cut carbs when you see fit.


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              Just my 2 cents, from university to corporate world (I work for a Fortune 100 Company). In university you're moving form class to class, research lab to library, library to work, work to home, etc....Lots of moving corporate world (at least in my experience) you do A LOT of sitting, a great deal more sedintary. So the adjustment of carbs IMHO (and I'm no expert, just my experience) is right on.

              Short version

              Corporate: you're sitting more
              University: you're moving around more

              just my 2 cents
              Respectfully Submitted,

              Proud to be a DH Disciple



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                Wannagetbig - Adam hooked you up with some damn fine advice. You should do well using that information.

                Like James said, when you are in the business world, you are going to sit on your ass for the most part...A LOT! I sit at a desk or in meetings for 90% of my day. Here are some things that I have found helpful:

                -Every hour or so if you aren't in the middle of something, get up and walk somewhere. I usually just stroll down a hallway and clear my head. I've found this also helps me re-focus so when I get back to my desk I feel a little refreshed and ready to go.

                -Buy a foam roller. If you are sitting in adesk all day your back is going to get stiff and this helps alleviate some tension.

                -Keep stashes of food everywhere. I keep protein powder, almonds, oats, almond butter, organic peanut butter, and ostrim jerky at my desk. In the office fridge I keep Udo's choice oil and Mac Nut Oil. I even went through the effort to get a scale cleared by security to weigh out my food (yes I am that anal lol).

                -If you can get away with it, offer to bring in an electric kettle for your office lunch area. I brought one in and now I can have fresh brewed green tea all day.

                -Have "walking meetings" whenever possible. If you just need to go over a few things with one or two people, ask them to go for a walk or go to the cafe to grab a coffee or something of that nature.

                -In addition to getting up from your desk, take several breaks to stretch throughout the day. Your body will thank you.

                -As long as you don't need to cover your ass (CYA) via a paper trail, opt to talk to people in person rather than send emails. You can learn a lot more about how individuals' minds work when you engage them one to one versus email. However, studies have been done that show people tend to lie less in email, so, like I said if you need a paper trail to prove something, use email, or follow up your one to one meeting with an email thanking them for their time and reiterating the key points of the meeting and take-aways.

                Those are some little things I felt have helped me, and perhaps you can benefit from them.
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