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Trouble Feeling DC Fascia Stretches...?

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  • Trouble Feeling DC Fascia Stretches...?

    I've recently started DC and have been incorporating stretches where the basic M W F split advises, but i've been having trouble "feeling" them for the most part.

    I have particular problems with Shoulders, Triceps and the Hanging Lat Stretch.

    On the shoulder fascia stretch i predominately feel it in the biceps (im unsure how to go about altering the way i've been performing it vs the bicep stretch..?)

    Using the overhead unilateral dumbbell stretch, i feel most stress in the posterior deltiod rather than the triceps (admittedly i feel a stretch, but nothing extreme)

    Hanging Lat Stretch
    Done at the end of my workout i can barely grasp the bar for more than 45s w/ straps and when i start adding weight the numbers reduce drastically (again, im not sure if the overhead bar thickness is the issue, my straps are too long - can't feel them helping whatsoever - or my grip strength is lacking/fatigued).

    I've also swapped the chest stretch to a deep dip, holding the stretched position for 1min (sometimes i might complete a rep every 15s and go back down into the stretch). Any knowledge on effectiveness of this?

    I came across this

    and was curious about trying them should they be felt in the targetted area better than other movements?


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    my advice would be to read everything you can on here about how to properly do these stretches...something has to be off in how you're doing them because even way back when i first started doing them i could more then feel them lol its was a deep almost painfull stretch...a good pain obviously... some i felt more then others so i kept working on my technique and after a while I found the sweet spot and i was good to go


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      I'm sure you read this thread, but I'll post it any way:
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        Originally posted by TLopez View Post
        I'm sure you read this thread, but I'll post it any way:
        Yeh, i read that link originally and found written discriptions of how to complete the stretches on another blog..

        Do you guys just use straps for the weighted hang? (Curious if your forearms are super fatigued at the end?) or something along the lines of hooks?
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          to my knowledge you don't have to do weighted hang for lats, you can do a doorknob stretch. I feel the doorknob stretch an awful lot more than the hang.


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            On Skip's Longevity DVD, just as a bit of additional info, though Skip himself says beforehand that the info he was about to give isn't about DC stretching specifically, there are good stretches truly worth checking out as well.


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              You'll find some stretches here, as well:

              (.pdf article - it will download)


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                You might not using your straps correctly when you wrap the bar picture your hand on top and strap on bottom and role it towards your hand. Their is a wrong way to use straps just check the way you rap


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                  i got the probs about stretching the triceps ....

                  i use to do it a little different now -

                  im placing the barbell at the level of my hips in a smith maschine .. then i knee in front of it , grap it as close as i get get it and then lean forward

                  i hope you can get a clue of what i mean


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                    On shoulder stretches try varying the width of your grip and bend your knees to slowly lower yourself into the stretch until you feel it.
                    Tricep, i always had the best results using a smith machine as it allows you to step away or step into the stretch to find the right groove.
                    Back, as someone else mentioned I always like the doorknob stretch. Also try a wide lat pulldown, again, like the smith with tris, it allows some variance in your positioning that you can't get with just hanging.
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                      Skip has a good shoulder stretch on the Longevity DVD....I too didn't really like the standard shoulder stretch, but the one on the DVD seems to really hit it far as the hanging stretch, if your straps are right you should be able to hang for I don't use added weight, but I can easily get over a minute and then some with my straps....



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                        On the shoulder stretch - roll your shoulders forward, you should feel more of a stretch.

                        And as for triceps - I prefer using a cable with the rope attachment. I set the pin to the whole stack and adjust the position to where I need to bend at the knees to get the rope up over my head and then I stand up straight which brings my triceps into a pretty nice stretch. You can step forward, back, move your upper arm/elbow position, etc. to find the sweet spot. Also, as you loosen up during the stretch, let the weight pull your arms further down & back to intensify the stretch. Looks something like this:
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