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  • USMuscle... Cutting still?

    How's the cutting going, bro? How's the poundages and what's your weight??? Have I missed an update thread?
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    Hey man, sorry no you didn't miss an update thread I didn't make one. Meh, I guess the cutting is going's about what I expected. I have been cutting seriously for two weeks now *those previous weeks were just cleaning up diet and very light cardio*. Now it's carb cycling, no junk food at all, moderate cardio almost every day and a very clean carb up on Sundays. I am down to 243 last time I checked, it's just water weight though because I only feel the very, very slightest bit leaner. The fat loss is slow, slow, slow. I was too anxious and thought it would be a good bit faster than this I guess I will step it up in a week or so if I don't see any more results this week and see what happens then. Sorry guys, I forgot I even said I would keep you updated, LOL.

    Oh yea poundages. Well I am cruising right now and will be for the next week, so it's too early to tell really how strong I am. But from my cruise workouts, my legs have lost a good bit of strength, but they have lost no size so that's fine with me. Upper body is still decently strong I guess, cruise workout poundages are fairly low but again I have lost no size so that is fine with me. Measurements are still the same everywhere. I haven't measured waist and prolly won't LOL. Pants fit just ever so slightly better so that's a good sign.
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      keep it up bro. you'll see those results in no time
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        Good luck keeping all the muscle while cutting man. Thats the scary part about it.


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          Keep up the good work USmuscle.