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    Okay'd per Skip and Dante. The images are compiled from this thread. Please go there to see Dante's important descriptions of each stretch being performed. (Images courtesy of In-Human)

    I was doing this for myself but then it just grew into a project to share with you all. The bottom has a section where you can market and your own Coupon Codes. Post it up (where allowed) to get tn some new customers and hopefully some free protein for you guys.

    **If your handwriting sucks and you want your code to look consistent with the theme, you can PM your code to me, and I'll edit a copy of it with your code and send it to you when I get a chance.


    CHEST: Flat bench 90lb dumbbells chest high--lungs full of air-- I drop down into the deepest flye I can for the first 10 seconds or so with my lungs full of air and chest out---then staying there I arch my back slightly and try to press my sternum upward --this is absolutely excruciating--the rest of the 60 seconds I try to concentrate on dropping my elbows even farther down (I try to but I don’t think they are going any lower--LOL)---the last 15 seconds I’m pretty much shaking like a leaf, I have tears in my eyes and I think about dropping bodybuilding and becoming a tap dancer on Broadway (ok that parts not true)--My opinion is people should use dumbbells that are a little over half of what your heaviest set of 6-8 reps would be. I cant state this enough--extreme stretching royally sucks!!! Its painful. But I have seen amazing things with people -especially in the quads.

    TRICEPS: Seated on a flat bench-my back up against the barbell---75lb dumbell in my hand behind my head(like in an overhead dumbell extension)--sink dumbell down into position for the first 10 seconds and then an agonizing 50 seconds slightly leaning back and pushing the dumbell down with the back of my head I like one arm at a time in the bottom position of a dumbell triceps extension----going to the extreme stretch and then slightly pushing on the dumbell with the back of my head.

    SHOULDERS: This one is tough to describe--put a barbell in the squat rack shoulder height--face away from it and reach back and grab it palms up (hands on bottom of bar)---walk yourself outward until you are on your heels and the stretch gets painful--then roll your shoulders downward and hold for 60 seconds.

    BICEPS: Olympic bar in a power rack or squat rack about neck high---face away from it and reach back and put both hands over the bar gripping it----now either sink down with one leg forward/one leg back or better yet squat down and try (I say try because its absolutely excruciating) to kneel. Go down to the stretch that is almost unbearable and then hold that for 45 to 60 seconds. Your own bodyweight is the load. What I do is put the bar at a place on the squat rack in which I can kneel at a severe stretch and then try to sink my ass down to touch my feet. If its too easy I put the bar up to the next rung.

    BACK: Honestly for about 3 years my training partner and I would hang a 100lb dumbell from our waist and hung on the widest chin-up bar (with wrist straps) to see who could get closest to 3 minutes--I never made it--I think 2 minutes 27 seconds was my record--but my back width is by far my best body part--I pull on a doorknob or stationary equipment with a rounded back now and its way too hard too explain here--just try it and get your feel for it.

    HAMSTRINGS: Either leg up on a high barbell holding my toe and trying to force my leg straight with my free hand for an excruciating painful 60 seconds or another exercise I could only show people and not type here.

    QUADS: Facing a barbell in a power rack about hip high --grip it and simultaneously sink down and throw your knees under the barbell and do a sissy squat underneath it while going up on your toes. then straighten your arms and lean as far back as you can---60 seconds and if this one doesn't make you hate my guts and bring tears to your eyes nothing will---do this one faithfully and tell me in 4 weeks if your quads don’t look a lot different than they used to.

    CALVES: my weak body part that I couldn’t get up too par until 2 years ago when I finally thought it out and figured out how to make them grow (with only one set twice a week too) I don’t need to stretch calves after because when I do calves I explode on the positive and take 5 seconds to get back to full stretch and then 15 seconds at the very bottom "one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand etc" --15 seconds stretching at the bottom thinking and trying to flex my toes toward my shin--it is absolutely unbearable and you will most likely be shaking and want to give up at about 7 reps (I always go for 12reps with maximum weights)--do this on a hack squat or a leg press--my calves have finally taken off due to this. " -Dante

    SuperD:NOTE-The above weights are what Dante personally uses on these stretches. Beginners should use considerably less and incrementally work upwards from there
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    This is cool! Thanks for this man! I will be taking advantage

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      This is very nice! Even with a spot for a discount code.

      Good work Arkbuilder!
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        thats pretty sweet i feel the streches have helped me break through plateaus big time


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          Great job Ark.


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            I'm glad you guys are finding the compilation useful. Thanks for the feedback. :yo:


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              Thanks for putting that together!
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                Nicely done. InHuman will be happy to hear he hasn't been forgotten :-)
                Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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                  Originally posted by Heckman View Post
                  InHuman will be happy to hear he hasn't been forgotten :-)

                  His response to, "When should we do the stretches?"
                  Originally posted by In-Human View Post
                  You can do them after each muscle group or you can bunch a few of them together for time, like chest/shoulder/tri you could do all three of these when you finish those exercises...

                  Another tip on the chest stretch.
                  Originally posted by In-Human View Post
                  You must remember on the weighted stretches we are not trying to use as much weight as possible as we are just trying to get the best stretch you can, so concentrate on the time not the weight, you get up to 60 seconds then go for 90 seconds with that same weight, and keep trying to push your elbows closer and closer to the floor as time goes on...

                  Not included in the poster so I'll add it here.
                  Originally posted by In-Human View Post
                  Hamstring Stretch, ok now you can do this one on a Flat Bench, and hold the stretch for 10 seconds and do 6 of them in a row:
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