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  • Back on that DC

    In Jan 2011 I posted that I was taking time off DC to focus on a powerlifting meet. In June 2011 I competed and set pb's in bench and DL. Afterward I took time off the heavy stuff and mixed it up with some 10x10 GVT which was completely foreign to me. I will say it did pack on some muscle although my strength dropped and after 3 months I found it hard to get motivated.

    Anyway, I lost focus & fire so yesterday I rededicated myself to DC and killed it at the gym. I have a 6 week (approx) blast planned. I am once again inspired to get back in the gym and training with a purpose. I have found the key to being successful in the gym is to always have a purpose whether it be a powerlifting meet or beating the log book every week... training with a clearly identified goal has always worked best for me. I will be hawking the IM website more regularly now so I am looking forward to your posts.
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    Welcome Back..LOL I know how you feel. After doing DC training and making great progress, some of my wife's friends who are Pro Bodybuilders told me that I would do much better with more volume blah blah blah. I started training with my wife and doing more volume but it wasn't long until I was back to the DC training.
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